NH series capture card

Ordering Info: NH267-16

NH267-16 Technical Specification


PCI-Ex1 2.0 compliant


175 ×106.6

Power consumption


Video compression


Number of video input


Video input connector

BNC(1.0Vp 1.0Vp,75Ω)

Preview resolution

D1 (704x480 for NTSC, 704x576 for PAL)

Recording resolution


Encoding FPS per channel

1~25 PAL, 1~30 NTSC

Encoding FPS per card

D1 16-channels max 480 FPS per card for NTSC, 400 FPS for PAL

Dual Encoding FPS

D1+CIF 16-channels max 480+480 FPS per card for NTSC, 400+400 FPS for PAL

Audio compression


Number of audio input


Audio input connector

BNC(2.0Vp 2.0Vp 2.0Vp-p,1000Ω ,audio volume control range 83DB)

Audio sampling rate



  1. Audio and video hardware compression card, using advanced standard H.264 video compression algorithm to achieve excellent image quality and high compression ratio.
  2. Support up to full D1 realtime live view
  3. 16 channel full D1 video real-time (total 480 FPS for NTSC, 400 FPS for PAL) compression and dual-stream.
  4. Support maximum dual stream D1+CIF for all 16 channels, both in real-time hardware compression, providing total 480+480 FPS for NTSC, 400+400 FPS for PAL.
  5. 16 channel G.711 audio compression.
  6. Support motion detection and video loss function; support OSD, text overlay, video frame rate, frame rate dynamic setup and etc
  7. Standard PCI PCI-E 1X slot.

System Requirements

* Specification is subject to change without notice.

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