Tool Name

What is it?

iPad Camera

Pair your iPad/iPhone camera with any of the apps listed below to bust boredom! It seems simple...because it is! When you turn on the camera, kids come to life!

Recommended: All ages


This fun animation app is simple to use, but big on fun! Make any inanimate object come to life and personalize it with filters, stickers, and more!

Recommended: All ages


This hip movie-making app always you to personalize your movies like never before. Add animated posters (complete w/ your fave Disney characters), stickers, labels, and new--cool backgrounds!

Recommended: K (with help) and Up

Draw & Tell HD

This super fun whiteboard app includes lots of options for kids to create with including different marking tools, paper backgrounds, coloring pages, and more. Created by the same company as Chatterpix, kids will love the look and feel of this app.

Recommended: Pre-k to 5th

Doodle Buddy

Here’s another great option for whiteboard fun! The highlight of this app is the sticker function!

Recommended: Pre-k to 5th

Do Ink

Green Sreen

Have a green blanket hanging around? Kids can create their own green screen adventures with this app. Make a movie set in the jungle or deep space...the options are only as limited as your imagination.

Recommended: K to 5th


Kids have played this in the classroom, but they can create their own games and quizzes to play with their siblings and friends! Simply make a fun quiz and share the join code. They can play even while a safe distance apart! There are also tons of pre-made games to choose from.

Recommended: K and Up


Making a collage of pictures is fun and creative. Give your kids a challenge like finding things that begin with all the letters of the alphabet or nature finds outside. Options are limitless!

Recommended: Pre-k and Up


This “professional” movie-making app can be a great way to practice those future YouTube star skills! Heavy editing tools make this a great one for customization.

Recommended: K (with help) and Up


Do you have a future author in the house? Kids can use this app to make their own eBooks including comic books, novels, picture books, and more!

Recommended: K (with help) and Up

Stop Motion Studio

Do your kids love stop motion movies and shows? They can make their own using legos, playdoh characters, or any object!

Recommended: K (with help) and Up


Story writing has never been more fun than with this app. Create your own stories and animate them with ease!

Recommended: Pre-k and Up


Race the clock and beat your friends in a fun game you create on Quizizz or choose from the thousands found in the quiz bank. All you need is a join code...so friends can join in from their own homes! Parents, this one includes a read-aloud feature for younger students!

Recommended: K (with help) and Up

Garage Band

Music lovers rejoice! Create your own beats with this cool music-making app. (Parents...grab those noise-cancelling headphones!)

Recommended: 3rd and Up (or younger with help)


Keynote is more than a presentation-building app! You can make your own stop motion, animation, books, and more! What will YOU make with Keynote?

Recommended: K and Up