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Release Notes for XSplit Gamecaster 2.5 (2.5.1507.3011)

2.5.1507.3011 - Release notes:

Please refer to the FAQ for general questions on usage:

Supported operating systems

Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10

For hardware and software requirements, see further details here:

Internet connection

Requires Internet connectivity with HTTP / HTTPS port 80/443 open and RTMP port 1935 open

For live streaming on lowest settings, a minimum upload speed of 500 kbps is required

Known limitations:

For a list of bugs being worked on see Known Issues section. For other general known limitations see list below.

New Features (2.4.1506.1243 -> 2.5.1507.3011)

- XGC-2985 - Add option to enable/disable adaptive bitrate in streaming settings

- XGC-2896 - Integrate Tridef SmartCam camera background removal option

Fixes/Improvements (2.4.1506.1243 -> 2.5.1507.3011)


- XGC-3046 - Use 1 channel for RTMP streaming

- XGC-3003 - Change disabled textcolor of checkbox labels to normal color in stream settings

- XGC-3002 - Disallow spaces on the Socials username fields

- XGC-3000 - Streaming Service logins in overlay has some extra spaces below the OK and Cancel Buttons

- XGC-2971 - Each hotkey text (settings tab) must have a tooltip - avoids text issue for long translation

- XGC-2929 - Improve radio button usability - select option when label is clicked

- XGC-2855 - Handle possible issue wherein Youtube event can get stuck at "livestarting"

- XGC-2849 - Update some textfield styles in overlay

- XGC-2830 - Show more info for application update

- XGC-2820 - Auto switch external settings tabs when starting/stopping recordings or streams

- XGC-2767 - After successfully posting to any social networking site, include the link to the posted message

- XGC-2611 - Add Volume Control for Follower/Subscriber Sound Notifications

- XGC-2556 - Add option to start up as minimized

- XGC-1287 - Add option to run on computer startup


- XGC-3039 - Slow start prior to showing of splash screen

- XGC-3038 - Application fails to start when main exe and browser processes are running on different NVIDIA Optimus GPU profiles

- XGC-3027 - Add new bitrate columns (current, target, adjusted) in home tab when streaming

- XGC-3024 - Dropped frames warning doesn't appear

- XGC-3023 - Twitch chat viewers list does not update

- XGC-2991 - Nico nico and Hitbox accept invalid login after a successful authentication

- XGC-2989 - Unable to drag image overlay to any point higher than the toolbar

- XGC-2987 - Language key is displayed on update growl

- XGC-2984 - Settings form message box may be left open on exit

- XGC-2982 - Privacy drop-down when expanded in New Live Event obstructs other elements when not shrunk before selecting other event options in YouTube live pre-stream dialog

- XGC-2974 - 2 to 3 pixels space appears between label and input box in Hitbox, Ustream, Nico nico and Azubu Streaming service login in overlay

- XGC-2973 - Azubu logo is missing in Live streaming Service login of Azubu in overlay

- XGC-2962 - Cam preview is hidden when Chroma Key tooltip is displayed

- XGC-2958 - Game name suggestion dropdown is misaligned

- XGC-2957 - BRB Graphics not centered when game aspect ratio is not 16:9

- XGC-2954 - High CPU usage on logout while feedback form is displayed

- XGC-2949 - Camera light indicator stays ON even after streaming/recording and no camera preview

- XGC-2939 - Camera preview can obscure overlay dropdown items

- XGC-2926 - Cam preview border and settings bar are displayed behind the share stream dialog

- XGC-2837 - Open With tooltip is misplaced on certain scenarios

- XGC-2792 - No default title set on new YouTube live event

- XGC-XXXX - Game capture is displayed black when game is in DX10 - Gears of War (PC)

For verification:

- XGC-3031 - Korean text doesn't render correctly on Windows 10

Known Issues (2.5.1507.3011)

Please reference Known Limitations section above for critical or major issues that are currently out of our hands and/or directly related to 3rd party hardware, software or drivers.


- XGC-XXXX - Quicksync encoding for long recordings/streams (4+ hours) can fail on some Ivy bridge and Haswell systems (Issue is under investigation)  

- XGC-XXXX - Some Origin-enabled games (BattleField 3 and 4, Crysis 3, Titanfall) may crash or freeze due to a conflict with the Origin Overlay. We are actively working with Origin to resolve this issue resolved, but a workaround for the moment is to disable Origin overlay by going to Origin client’s Application Settings -> Origin In Game -> Uncheck “Enable Origin In Game”

- XGC-3013 - Notification Sound volume set is based on current widget/tab active


- XGC-3047 - Image in overlay may not be selected if it hides behind the main toolbar when resized smaller

- XGC-3037 - Camera light may stay on after logout/exit

- XGC-2942 - In-Game keys still work when overlay is active - Terraria

- XGC-2908 - Starting/Restarting of the Console Viewer with the Elgato 2.x driver can result in a freeze, and sometimes a crash

- XGC-2886 - NVENC encoder in Windows 8+ can show an error, and intermittently crashes when stream is started (if application memory usage is already high before starting to encode)

- XGC-2879 - Unable to open input method editor inside overlay

- XGC-2769 - Overlay (without capture) can make some games stutter on SLI

- XGC-2690 - Immediate dragging is ignored when form is not currently focused

- XGC-2635 - Main application freezes when Console Viewer become unresponsive

- XGC-2561 - Unable to control overlay when activated in game (MCEdit) because game doesn’t render/update its user interface

- XGC-2419 - Animated GIF in overlay is not in sync with what is visible in streaming/recording





- XGC-3048 - Custom RTMP streaming service login in overlay has some extra spaces below the OK and Cancel Buttons

- XGC-2662 - Highlighted text are still highlighted when window is inactive

If you are looking for the release notes of the previous version, please look here.  

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