T3P3 Kossel Mini Kit Release 3

Assembly Instructions

Chapter 3 - Top Assembly

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301 Idler assembly: Parts needed

For each top corner, as shown right ---->

Top brackets

F623ZZ flanged bearings x 2

M3 x 30 socket capscrews x 1

M3 full nuts x 1

M3 flat washers x 3

TOTAL 3 sets of each for the 3 corners

302 Idler Assembly

Fit the M3 x 30 idler axle capscrew through the printed bracket.

Progressively add 2 x M3 washers, first F623ZZ bearing, flange right, an M3 washer, second F623ZZ bearing, flange left.


Fit the M3 nut. You will probably need needle-nosed pliers to fit it in the remaining space. If it will not fit into the gap, carefully pare off a small amount of plastic until it just fits in.Tighten the nut against the bearings to ensure the bolt can be fully screwed in.

Repeat for the other 2 top brackets.


303 Top Frame assembly - parts needed

Top bracket assemblies x 3

Frame extrusions 230mm long x 3

M4 x 10 button head socket screw x 12

M4 T-nuts x 12

M4 flat washers x 12


304 Fit extrusions to brackets

This is a repeat of the procedure for assembling the base. Remember to ensure that the ends of the extrusions butt up tightly against the plastic corners with no visible gaps.

When finally tightening the bolts, the inner ones can only be tightened with the long arm of the hex key due to lack of space, so tighten as much as you can with this.


The outer bolts should be firmly tightened with the short leg of the key as well. Be careful not to overtighten and split the plastic!


After tightening up all the bolts with the top frame on a flat surface,  set it aside while you get on with the next stage.


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