LoiLo Inc. May 2017

LoiLoNote School

Annual Update Procedure

This document will show you how to complete the following tasks in preparation for the new school year:

1. Close graduates’ account (Graduation)

2. Archive Past Groups/Classes and Subjects (Promotion)

3. Register new students

4. Register new teachers

5. Re-register current students who have moved to a new grade

6. Register new subjects

7. Remove students or teachers who have left your school

 Addendum: Changing User IDs when needed

1. Close graduates’ accounts (Graduation)

Log in using the School Administrator’s user ID and password.

Cloud-based version


Individual server-based version
To login to your in-school server’s IP, replace the section in curly brackets with the IP address for your school’s individual LoiLoNote School server.

After logging in, click on “School Settings”.

Click on “End of Year Process”.

Select the grade that graduated at the end of the school year.

To mark graduating students’ accounts for removal after 30 days, click “next”.
To proceed without removing any student accounts, click “
skip this step”.

A list of all the students whose accounts will be marked for deletion during the graduation process is displayed. Please confirm that the contents are correct before proceeding.


2. Archive Past Groups/Classes and Subjects (Promotion)

It would be quite confusing if past and current groups/classes or subjects were listed together. For this reason, the next step in the wizard will offer you the option to archive the past year’s groups/classes and subjects.

To archive the last year’s groups/classes and subjects, click on “next”.

To proceed without archiving groups/classes, click on “skip this step”.


Final Confirmation

Confirm the contents once more before you carry out the process. Please make sure that the number of graduating students is correct.

At this stage, the process has not yet been carried out, so you can still go back to the previous page and change settings or correct mistakes if necessary.

To complete the changes you set in the wizard, click “Confirm”.


Confirming the Results of the End of Year Process Wizard

Graduates’ Accounts

Graduates’ accounts marked for removal will be deleted after 30 days. To restore an account you do not wish to remove, select the “Graduates” tab, check the account you wish to restore, and tap “Restore selected students”.

Past Subjects

If the “Promotion” process was completed successfully, no subjects will be listed under the “Current” tab of the Subjects List. Last year’s subjects can still be accessed by clicking on the “Archives” tab on the web-based interface.

To access past subjects from the tablet app, tap Past Subjects.

3. Register New Students

Please register new students just as you did in the last year. Detailed instructions are available in the User Registration Manual. We recommend that schools which use shared tablets enable Quick Login. Detailed instructions for Quick Login are available in the Quick Login Settings Manual.

4. Register New Teachers

Please register new teachers or update teacher information manually within the web console. For more information, refer to the User Registration Manual.


5. Re-register Students in a Different Class

You can re-register students in a different class from last year using a CSV  file created specifically for re-registration. From the main menu, select “Students”.

From the CSV Upload menu, select “Re-register students in a different class”.


Download the CSV template file.

Enter Updated Information for Registered Students

Enter updated grade and class information for the new school year. The web console will automatically try to match the name or User ID in column C with a record for a previously registered student, updating their grade and class information accordingly. To ensure that student names are sorted correctly, add names to the Sort Key field in the same order you wish to have them evaluated.

6. Register Subjects

In steps 4 and 5, you registered students and teachers who belong to the new year’s groups/classes. Next please register the subjects each group/class will take, just like you did previously. For help registering classes, please refer to the User Registration Manual.

7. Remove students or teachers who have left your school

To remove students or teachers who are no longer with your school, please search for their record by name or user ID and delete the records individually.

Addendum: Changing User IDs when needed

Your system for assigning user IDs may have changed from the year before. In this case, you can reassign user IDs en-masse for students or teachers who are already registered by uploading the changes as a CSV file. Use the CSV template linked below to create one file for students, and another separate file for teachers.

A. Download the CSV template file.

B. Enter data for old and new user ID

Old User ID

The ID this user has used until now.

New User ID

The ID this user will use after the change.


C. Upload the CSV file

From the Teacher List, select the “ID Conversion” item from the “CSV Upload” pull-down menu.

From the Student List, select the “ID Conversion” item from the “CSV Upload” pull-down menu.

You can change an individual user’s ID by selecting their name from the list and editing their user ID.