Game Settings:

-Mode: STOCK

-Stocks: 5

-Handicap: OFF

-Team Attack: ON

-Stage Select: ON

-Damage: 100%

-Item Switch: NONE

-All Characters Available.

-All sets are best-of-3 except for losers, winners, and grand finals which are best of 5.



-The Stage List consists of Congo Jungle, Peach’s Castle, Dream Land and Hyrule Castle.

-The first match will be Dream Land unless agreed upon by both parties.



-All characters are allowed.

-For visibility reasons, players may request that Black DK (Right-C), Dark Samus (Down-C) and Dark Falcon (Right-C) not be used if Congo Jungle or Sector Z is the stage. The opposing player may reset the match without penalty if they wish for a color change. Taking or dealing any damage nullifies this right.


Set Procedure:

-Players select characters for first match. Double Blind Picks may be called.

-The loser of the previous match selects the next match’s stage from the allowed stages.

-The winner of the previous match selects their character.

-The loser of the previous match selects their character.

-Steps are repeated until the set is over.


Additional Rules:

-Any stage may be played on if both players agree to it.

-Alternate controllers will be tested prior to the match to prevent unfair advantages. No wireless controllers.

-If a player pauses during any set without prior agreement from the other opponent(s), a warning will be issued the first time. On the second offense, the opponent(s) have the right to take a stock away from the pauser's stock from the moment of the pause and begin a rematch where all players’ percentages are reset to zero, or the opponent(s) have the option to simply force the pauser to forfeit a stock without restarting the match.

-Extreme stalling will not allowed. Any case of such will result in a warning for first offense, followed by automatic forfeit of the match for repeat offenders per the discretion of the administrator. If there is no movement from either player, the losing player is considered to be stalling. Running away momentarily is acceptable, but avoiding your opponent for an extended period of time or the remainder of the match will be considered stalling.

-If the N64 freezes or turns off anytime during the match, the player winning at the time can choose to restart the match or continue the match with the same amount of stock at the time of disruption with percentages reset to 0.

-Cheating in any form or intentionally sabotaging the game by resetting the game, yanking the controller to freeze the game or hitting the N64 will result in an automatic disqualification from the tournament.

-Players are responsible for their own general welfare in regard to the tournament environment. In other words, players are responsible for:

-Stage List and Rule Set Familiarity

-Arriving on time with controllers and Character Knowledge

-If the game is paused accidentally while attempting to steal a life during any set, that player or team receives a warning the first time, and on the second offense, the opposing team may deem that life forfeit. Wait until the announcer has finished saying defeated before pressing start, or turn pause off prior to beginning the match.

-Stock sharing is allowed

-It is recommended that any disputes be brought promptly and quickly to the Tournament Host’s attention.