Great link from Jackie Corricelli for links that students and teachers can access:

Comprehensive list of coding languages:

Article about Beaver Country Day putting coding into every course:

With Scratch, you can program your own interactive stories, games, and animations — and share your creations with others in the online community.
Scratch helps young people learn to think creatively, reason systematically, and work collaboratively — essential skills for life in the 21st century.

See several beginner tutorials in the shared folder to get you started:

Scratch Project inspired by Piet Mondrian:

Scratch cat and mouse game video introduction:

Scratch Projects from MIT:

Computational Thinking course from Harvard Ed in Scratch:

MIT App Inventor:
MIT App Inventor is an innovative beginner's introduction to programming and app creation that transforms the complex language of text-based coding into visual, drag-and-drop building blocks. The simple graphical interface grants even an inexperienced novice the ability to create a basic, fully functional app within an hour or less.

Hello Purr - a good first tutorial:

Paint Pot - a good second tutorial:

A great tutorial to learn app inventor more thoroughly on your own:

Links to further tutorials:

App Inventor 2 Book Free Online:

App Inventor Maker Cards (good for use in class with students working on various projects):

App Inventor course in a box:

App Inventor Course materials:

How to participate in Mobile CSP -

Mobile CSP Teacher Training:

Mobile CSP Student Course:

xCode and Swift:
Everyone can build, install, and run their apps on their iOS devices free. Students can install their apps on multiple devices, including an instructor's device, making it much easier to learn—and teach—iOS programming.

Swift App Development Course: Teaching App Development with Swift: This curriculum is also available on GitHub, where other educators can join the community and contribute to the curriculum.

Xcode 7: Coming this fall with Xcode 7, everyone can build, install, and run their apps on their iOS devices free. Students can install their apps on multiple devices, including an instructor's device, making it much easier to learn—and teach—iOS programming.

Apple Developer website. 

Learn professional programming languages using an editor that lets you work in either blocks or text. Create art, music, games, and stories. Or invent a program that will change the world.

Lessons for teachers in pencilcode:

Student activities in pencilcode:

Minecraft and Coding in Education:
Minecraft: Education Edition is an open world game that promotes creativity, collaboration, and problem solving in an immersive environment where the only limit is your imagination.

Processing is a flexible software sketchbook and a language for learning how to code within the context of the visual arts. Since 2001, Processing has promoted software literacy within the visual arts and visual literacy within technology. There are tens of thousands of students, artists, designers, researchers, and hobbyists who use Processing for learning and prototyping.

Processing Tutorials:

Processing Reference:

Learning Processing book by Dan Shiffman with tutorials:

Nature of Code book by Dan Shiffman:

Lowell High School Intro Processing lessons:

AP CS curriculum from Lowell High School in Processing:

Developing Android app in Processing:

Developer Android Studio Development Kit:

Introduction to Processing online course:

Online course in P5.js:


Python is a programming language that lets you work quickly and integrate systems more effectively

Hour of Python tutorial:

Python Resources (separate document)

Trinket (Python in the browser):

Trinket lets you run and write code in any browser, on any device.

Trinkets work instantly, with no need to log in, download plugins, or install software.

Easily share or embed the code with your changes when you're done.



3D programming for ordinary mortals - VPython makes it easy to create navigable 3D displays and animations, even for those with limited programming experience. Because it is based on Python, it also has much to offer for experienced programmers and researchers.


Millions of engineers and scientists worldwide use MATLAB® to analyze and design the systems and products transforming our world. MATLAB is in automobile active safety systems, interplanetary spacecraft, health monitoring devices, smart power grids, and LTE cellular networks. It is used for machine learning, signal processing, image processing, computer vision, communications, computational finance, control design, robotics, and much more.

MathWorks educators page:

Tutorials from MathWorks:

MathWorks reasons to choose MATLAB:

Matlab video tutorials:

Tutorials from tutorials point:

MATLAB course from 2011 at MIT:


Join the growing community of makers, students, and instructors. Lightning Lab is your hub to create, contribute, and learn with Sphero robots.

Lightning Lab free STEAM activities, Register and search for cool activities:

Blog about great ways to use Sphero in your classroom:

Khan Academy:

Intro to JS:Drawing & Animation:

Intro to HTML/ CSS:

Intro to SQL: Querying and Managing Data:

Advanced JS: Games and Visualizations:

Advanced JS: Natural Simulations:

HTML/ JS: Making webpages interactive:


($49) Progression from Scratch and moves them on to Python and Java and a bit of Javascript

NC Lab online visual programming courses: Karel Programming -> Turtle Tina -> Python Programming:

NCLab Team has just released a new self-paced online visual computer programming course, Turtle Tina. This course fits between NCLab's Karel Programming and Python Programming courses, and it is a great appetizer for the self-paced 3D Modeling course.  Students learn basics of Python programming by drawing lines, arcs, and patterns. They can extrude their creations to 3D and print them on a 3D printer if your school has one. This makes learning computer programming so much more fun! And, you have another reason to request a 3D printer.

Bootstrap leverages students' excitement around videogames to teach algebraic concepts through programming.

Google CS First Program:
Theme-Based Clubs:Each CS First club is based on a real-world theme and offers about 10 hours worth of lessons and activities. The different club themes aim to attract and engage students of varying backgrounds and interests. All materials are targeted at students in 4th - 8th grades (or between the ages of 9 - 14) and are free and easy to use.

The goal of CodeHS is to spread the knowledge of computer science by offering well-crafted instructional materials supported continuously by the quality, personal attention of our enthusiastic tutors. We believe that everyone has the ability to learn computer science, and we want to help them do so.

Computational Thinking for Educators:

Microsoft Coding Course:
Create your apps on your phone, tablet or laptop. Works on iOS, Android, Windows, Mac or Linux:

Minecraft and Coding in Education:

UK Curriculum for computing at School:

Computing educators project:


Curriculum for middle school science class from

Testimonial about why a teacher uses coding in her MS public school science class:

Science and Physics Programs on the TI-84 calculator

For Physics teachers:

Collection of Physics Sketches in Processing:

Nature of Code: Physics in Processing:

Background of why you should code in Physics class in an article:

Examples of Physics Programs written in Python:

Exemplar of a coding assignment for Physics:

An exemplar AP Physics course with coding integrated:

Exemplar AP Physics Coding assignment in vPython:

Python Physics Simulation:

Computational Physics with Python:


Texas Instruments tutorials for coding on the graphing calculator:

Bootstrap leverages students' excitement around videogames to teach algebraic concepts through programming.  This is a full curriculum that is free online.


Teacher generated projects in App Inventor that teach a mathematical concept:

Creating a graphing machine in App Inventor:

Probability, Drawing Polygons, Proof of pythagorean and more activities:

Magnify and minimize (scaling and proportions) lesson plan for Scratch:

Coordinate plane activity in Scratch: 
Student made example the above activity:

Draw an n-gon in Scratch: 
Example made in Scratch: )

Distance Formula in Scratch assignment:

Velocity basketball game lesson plan in Scratch: 
Example made in Scratch:

Math Games in Scratch from Computers for Creativity Program:

Math game examples from LASD Stem program


Article about coding in English and history class:

Article about Beaver Country Day putting coding into every course:

Pencilcode activity:

Language learning chain of studios in Scratch:

One teachers’ Scratch concept map of coding in English class:

English class studio of projects created in Scratch:


Click the links at this location to see lesson plans for a latin vocabulary idea in Scratch:


Software disaster about the Iraqi Operation Desert Storm/ Patriot and Scud Missiles

"We use maps constantly to understand how geography impacts a nation and its people. We use them to track border shifts, immigration, natural resources, wars, etc.," says Alkire. "Often, the exact type of map we are looking for doesn't exist and coding has allowed students to make very specific interactive maps that reflect the learning in the classroom." - See more at:


World without End: Creating a Full Scale Digital Cosmos article from New Yorker: -BRidky

Article about Agatha Christie and possible dementia found using word analysis - BRikdy

Visual of the frequency of occurrences of words in books: 

Example from Beaver Country Day: An English class, for example, used code to create very basic artificial intelligence. This allowed for a situation where students could have a “conversation” with a character from Macbeth, the play they were studying at the time. Students could type questions and the character answered based on what the student had typed. The students could then get a feel for which character they were talking to.


For middle and high school both on ipad and online (For descriptions of a select number of these see:


For younger kids both on ipad and online (For descriptions of a select number of these see:

Resource Lists at other places:

Common Sense for Digital Citizenship

Institute For the Future:

Document on PBL and CSP:

A good link to resources for CS teachers from the Texas Regional Collaborative:

Interesting links about applications of CS:

Software disaster about the Iraqi Operation Desert Storm/ Patriot and Scud Missiles

Eniac programmers video:

TEALS Educator program:

Other Articles and Resources of Interest:

CS50 Final Project Videos:

Kristina Yarovinsky: p5.js game:

Neal Sarin: Web Server:

Sophia Vranos: Animated Sound in Processing:

Billy McGrath: Website:

Mack and Michael: Game in Swift:

TJ and Reed: p5.js keyboard:

Ray Wang: Website:

Micah Wolfsohn: Swift application

Amy An: Swift Flappy Bird:

Reza Bergemann: Django application:

Sam Dies: Web Server no video

Lauren Hagani: Lesson plans for a coding class - no video

Evan and Neil: Swift Game:

Maya Russell: D&D game in C:

Derek Socha: Skyrim game:

Allison Weiss: Processing 3D Shape:


Video of Hello WOrld in Python:

Main Links:

          Textbook - How to Think Like a Computer Scientist - Python - Info - PDF - OnLine -

          Python - Official Website - Getting Started - Beginner's Guides - Books -   Documentation - Wiki - Popularity 

      References - Python Ref. Manual - Python Library 

      Python notes - Misc. Topics

      Open Source Libraries - catalog -

      Hello World in 200+ languages

Python Textbooks:


     Python Programming - Online -

      Learn Python the Hard Way - Online -

             (you can also buy PDF, ePub, Paperback, and Hardcover versions.)

      PySchools - OnLine 

      A Byte of Python - PDF - OnLine 

      Think Python - Info - PDF - OnLine - Online- Dif Version - Examples and Solutions -

      Python Learn - Info - PDF - Sample Code and Files - Slides -

      Snake Wrangling for Kids - Older Version

      Python In Easy Steps - book - ebook 


Python Game Textbooks and Tutorials:

       Invent Your Own Games With Python - Online - PDF - Link

       Making Games with Python and Pygame - Online - PDF - Kindle

       Programming Arcade Games and Learning Computer Science - Website

       Beginning Game Programming For Teens With Python - Tutorial

       Multiplayer Games  Programming for Teens - Tutorial

       Many tutorials for Python, graphics and other languages - Ray Wenderlich Tutorials

       ( His wife's site with good/free graphics  Graphic Resources

       Instant Hacking - overview, Simple review


      Beginners - Non-Programmers - Both - Google's - TutorialsPoint -

      Beginning Game Programming for Teens

      Python Crash course - Mini Tutorial - How-To - Cybersecurity, Tools - Projects - Review(pdf) - HandsOn 

      Tic-Tac-Toe Video Tutorial and Code


Learn by Example:

      Code - Examples - CodingBat - - CodeAcademy

Videos on Python Programming:

     Intro. -


     Intro. to Comp. Sci. - YouTube – iTunes – MIT Web Site 

     YouTube - videos - this is just one of many there....

      Tic-Tac-Toe Video Tutorial and Code

Practice Problems:

    Tim Wilson's - Jeff Elkner's - Dan S's 


    Simple Python programs - More - Hot Scripts - Advanced

Programming Tips:

    Tim Wilson's 


       - Python on XP -


What is an arduino? -

Install the Arduino IDE -

Install the arduino drivers if needed FTDI -

Setup the IDE to the Arduino that you have - Tools, Board (choose the board you have)

Specify the COM Port the board is on - Tools, Port

Arduino Board Layout -


Time to build, compile and upload the LED Blink circuit and sketch - Hello World!!!!

Blink an LED -

        Modify the LED Blink sketch to flash the LED slower and faster

Fade an LED -

        Modify the fade sketch to fade slower and faster

                Change the Fade Amount - what happens

                Change the Brightness - what happens

                Change the time - what happens

Dim LED’s - Mac “breathing” LED -

What is PWM -

How can we use PWM to control motion

Servo Sketch!!! - - brown = gnd, red = +5v, yellow = signal

        How else can this be used?

        Moving servos for robotic arms/joints

Motor Control -

                What are some examples

                                Drive By Wire


                                Electric Cars

                                PWM is everywhere

Wii Chuck and servos example - 3.3v, GND, CLK->pin5, data->pin4

Adding Libraries to Arduino - What are libraries and why do we need them?

What else can we do with the arduino?  -  Only limited to your imagination!