Holy Apostles College and Seminary

Online Learning MA Philosophy Program Summer 2017

Registration Opens March 21, 2017 thru April 28.  $25 late fee applied after April 28th

Summer Semester Classes offered from May 8, 2017 - August 18, 2017

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Class Title




ENG 891

Academic Research, Design and Writing


Prof. Cynthia Gniadek / Dr. Cynthia Toolin-Wilson


Marriage & the Theology of the Body

Ethics Required Core

Dr. Cynthia Toolin-Wilson


Catholic Social Teachings

Ethics Required Core

Dr. Cynthia Toolin-Wilson

PHE 610


MA Philosophy Core

Dr. Francisco Romero Carrasquillo

PHE 663

Natural Law

Ethics  Required Core

Dr. David Arias

PHE 775

Political Philosophy

Ethics Required Core

Dr. Jon Kirwan

PHH 605

Ancient & Medieval Philosophy

MA Philosophy Co-Req

Dr. Timothy Smith

PHH 620

Modern and Contemporary Philosophy

MA Philosophy Co-Req

Dr. Randy Colton

PHH 651


Historical Philosophy Required Core

Dr. Richard Geraghty

PHH 681

Arabic Philosophy

Historical Philosophy Recommended Elective

Dr. Francisco Romero Carrasquillo

PHH 781

Philosophy of St Thomas Aquinas

Historical Philosophy Required Core

Dr. Jon Kirwan

PHS 607

Philosophy for Theologians


Fr. Brian Mullady. O.P.

PHS 611

Logic and Epistemology

MA Philosophy Core

Dr. Philippe Yates

PHS 621

Nature and Metaphysics

MA Philosophy Core

Dr. Timothy Smith

PHS 641

Reason in the Theology of St. Thomas

Systematic Required Core

Dr. Peter Mango

PHS 657


Systematic Elective

Dr. John Finley

PHS 671


Systematic Elective

Dr. Michela Ferri

PHS 741

St. Thomas Aquinas on Being and Nothingness

Christian Wisdom Required Core

Dr. Robert Delfino



Comprehensive Examination and Graduation Preparation Registration (Note: To register for the comprehensive exam, students must be finished with all coursework or in the final semester of coursework)  Also, all written exams must be completed no later than  July 28, 2017.  All Oral exams (if applicable) must be completed no later than August 4, 2017.


Please make checks payable to “Holy Apostles College and Seminary”  Mail this form along with full payment to:

Holy Apostles College and Seminary, 33 Prospect Hill Road, Cromwell, CT 06416  ATTN:  Online Learning Office


Contact us with complete registration and credit card information:

      Phone: 860-632-3070 or 860-632-3015         Fax: 860-632-3083        E-Mail: onlineregistration@holyapostles.edu


Current students who aren’t receiving funding through Financial Aid/Veterans Aid can self- register directly through Populi  


(see Notes for additional costs for specific courses)


Registration Fee

(fee remains the same regardless of number of classes a student takes)


(Note:  All courses for Graduate Credit only.  A completed application form must be on file before you can register.)

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