Davis Aquatic Masters

Board Meeting – August 6, 2014

Meeting was called to order at 6:30 p.m. in the Brady Building at Civic Pool. Quorum was established.

Attendees Present:

Ann Willis, President

Karen Charney, Vice President

Byron Philleo, Treasurer

Dan Sperka, Secretary

Ken Petruzzelli, Member at Large

Jonathon Howard, Member at Large

Erica Fleishman, Member at Large

Allan Crow, Financial Director


Stu Kahn, Head Coach

Approval of Minutes from August meeting

Finance Director Report(Alan)

Fee Structure Changes

Monthly dues will be comprised of two components - Membership Dues and Pool Time Fees. A swimmer is either a member, or not, and a swimmer is either swimming under an Unlimited Swims, or a Pay per Swim package. The concepts of ‘Leave’ and ‘Red Card’ would be discontinued.

Membership Dues: 'Membership' means you're a part of the DAM team, not just visiting. Only members are eligible for things like hardship waivers, scholarships through our grant programs (Steve Carlson), waived meet fees (we waive fees for relays), positions on the board, voting, invitations to compete in the meets, attending parties and receiving the weekly newsletter and team communications.

Membership Dues are collected from all regular (frequent or infrequent) swimmers and are $7 per month.

Pool Time Fees: Pool Time is the participation in the coached workouts, or weekend lap swim, and carries the following costs...

- Unlimited Swims - $40/month (total w/Membership $47/month)

- members 80+ years of age – As a nod to their longevity, Pool Time Fees waived (total $7/month for Membership).

Current 80+ members would not be charged the $7/month, but new members of this category would be charged the $7 for membership.

- members 65+ years of age - discount of $5/month (total $42/month)

- Joint Membership with Peak Performance or GetFitDavis - discount of $10/month (total $37/month)

- Summer Special - $24/month for Jun-Aug – 1-3-month package (total $31/month)

    - Pay per Swim (membership required for regular drop-ins, but not for visitors)

 - Drop in fees: $10/swim – intended for the non-members or swimmers participating less than once a week

 - Volume Discount (Red Card) – would be discontinued. 8 swimmers purchased Red Cards in July (1.3% of the swimming population). The administration of the Red Card program is disruptive to the coaching staff, and can be/has been subverted by opportunistic swimmers (i.e. swim without pay). Additionally, with the cost of Unlimited Swims being $40, a swimmer participating more than once a week is better off with the Unlimited Swims package.

 ‘Leave’ Status: The 'Leave' category would be dropped. A member would switch from Unlimited Swims to Pay per Swim (still $7/month for membership). We had some discussion about setting limitations/criteria for switching between categories. The main considerations are that there’s no real cost/time spent honoring the request, and would be swimmer friendly. However, there are fixed costs for the team. We’d still be getting the membership dues, which would be an increase. But, we’d only be taking the Pool Time Fees from those actually swimming.

We think that separating the Membership Dues from the Pool Time Fees will improve consistency, as all members would pay the $7/month, and provide flexibility in the payment of the Pool Time swim fees.

40th Anniversary Report