The General Intercessions

The Universal Prayer

 of the Faithful


Second Sunday of


April  23rd 2017


Casting doubt aside we praise our Lord and God and humbly ask for the answer to our prayers and those of the whole world.  


For the Church and its members, especially the newly baptized and newly received, that their faith grow strong and their love increase.  We pray to the Lord:


For inhabitants of all continents and islands, that they respect life in every form. We pray to the Lord:


For the wounded, the sorrowing, and the hopeless, that they know God’s mercy through the community’s love, We pray to the Lord:


For all assembled here to celebrate Christ’s victory, that faith light our lives and the lives of those we love. We pray to the Lord:


For all who are ill, especially Marcelo Canas, Katherine Apger, Dorthy Carvalho, Fatima Gallardo, Kirsten Lucido, Frank Whittle, “Bubut Valdepenas, Cristin Salvatore, Luzviminda Magtahas, Catherine Brock, Josephine Payne, Frank Sprague, Mary Martinez, Cindy Erickson, Bill Hermens,  and Ann Marie Hermens Miller, may they find healing in Christ, We pray:


For our brothers and sisters who have died, especially Shawn Bonnington that God raise them up on the last day. We pray to the Lord:


Holy and Loving God, you raised your Son from death in the
                tomb.  Hear us and give answer, through the same Christ our        
                Lord. Amen.



April 23rd 2017


Next weekend we will have first Communions at all 5 Sunday masses.  Please be aware that the front rows are reserved for the first communicants and their families.


Any adults interested in becoming catholic or completing their sacraments of Eucharist and Communion please join us for our first RCIA Inquiry class to be held May 3rd in the rectory.


Next Saturday morning beginning at 8am we are having a parish clean out day.  Please consider donating a little time and helping us out.  Call Nancy if you can help.


New ministry schedules are available for pick up in the sacristy.


The school is hosting a fundraiser at BJ’s on Tuesday.  Please take the flyer as listed in the bulletin and 20% of your bill will go to QAS school for a new play structure.


Devotional Candles are once again available.  $5 for the gold 5 day candles and $7 for the red 7 day candles.  Please do not light a candle without dropping the money in the box.