The General Intercessions

The Universal Prayer

 of the Faithful


The Fourth Sunday in Lent

March  26th 2017


God leads us from darkness into light.
Let us offer our petitions for the Church and the world:


For all God’s people, that we recognize our blindness and repent, so Christ may heal us. We pray to the Lord:


For national and local representatives, that they consider the long-term effects of their laws.  We pray to the Lord:


For those who think their sins are unforgivable, that they turn to God with trust in his loving mercy.  We pray to the Lord:


For those preparing for the Easter sacraments and their sponsors, that their faith, nourished by this community, grow deeper each day.  We pray to the Lord:


For those near death and all the sick, especially Joshua Talley, Carlota Gallardo, Ephraim Family, Angle Tan, Zachary Cambell, Mary Tran, Rosalie Cocjin(Coke-hin), Frank Hummell, Bill Hermens,  Jackie Pease, Neal Haley, Ellie Anderson,  Tina Pasco Sanchez,  and Ann Marie Hermens Miller, that they know the compassionate love of Jesus.  We pray to the Lord:


For all who have died this past week, especially John Harrison, that they rejoice in the heavenly banquet.   We pray to the Lord:


God of  mercy and love, you defend the poor and weak. Listen to our prayer and lead us out of darkness. We ask this through Jesus Christ our Lord.  Amen.



March 26th 2017


Soup suppers will continue for two more Wednesdays from 5:30-6:30pm in the hall.  All are welcome to join us for this simple meal.  Please bring your own bowl and spoon.  The soup is free but donations for the needy are accepted.


Our Lenten Communal Reconciliation Service will be April 5th.  Eight priests will be available for confession.  Please read the update in the bulletin and prepare for this encounter with Christ.


Our extra collection today was for Catholic Relief Services.  Envelopes are in the back and donations can be made at any time. Please read the flyer in the bulletin


Next Sunday is Bundle Sunday.  Please take a donation bag from the narthex and bring it back next week full of good serviceable clothing that you no longer need and put it in the truck out front.