IB Math SL

Chapter 14: Introduction to Calculus and Limits

Introduction to Calculus & Average rates from

curved graphs and Instantaneous Rates of Change

(Video Only)

Section14A:  Limits


Exercise 14A:  

C-type:  1 ace; 2 – 3 ac

A-type:  4 acegi & When it is possible that

limit as x → 1 is not f(1)?

Section 14B:  Limits at Infinity


Exercise 14B

C-type:  1 ace

A-type:  2 & Write definitions of HA and VA

Section 14D-E: The Derivative Function &

the Derivative from 1st principles


Exercise 14D:

C-type:  1 - 3

A-type:  NA

Exercise 14E:

C-type:  1a i & ii; 2b, 3c, 4a; 5b

A-type:  6