Important Tips for MSS School Cleaning

1.  Retrieve the blue folder with signup sheet and instructions from back closet.

2.  Second thing is to check for supplies: Clorox wipes, bleach (1⁄4 cup per gallon of water) or simple green for floors, simple green or green works multi-purpose cleaner for surfaces, rubber gloves, paper towels and sponges. If any of these are in short supply, buy them from the bodega across Flatbush (Papas) or Wholesome Gourmet or the Dollar Store. Save the receipt and submit it to Charlie for reimbursement.

3.  If you run into any problems, or if any of the instructions are unclear, please email or call one of the Co-chairs –

Lincoln Road: Deshant (917-371-9985 /  or

Flatbush Ave: Eunjoo & Seth (347-633-6515 / or  

Flatbush Ave: Abby & Philip (917-239-5149 /  

If you see any non-cleaning projects that need to be addressed, please report them to the co-chairs.

4.  Leave trash in classroom garbage bins. If you have trash that doesn’t fit in the bins, place it in the bins outside.

5.   One of the first things to do is make sure that the Nest HVAC controls are on to make it comfortable for the cleaning team. The first floor controls can be found in the Q train classroom on the wall next to the closet door. The mezzanine controls are found in the Shuttle train classroom above the cubbies.

6.   One of the first assignments to tackle is to clean the plastic toys by hand filling one side of the kitchen sink with hot soapy water and the other with clean water. To dry the toys, first clean the bathroom using bleach water on the floors.  Place toys on clean napping pads to drip dry. Return toys to original rooms once they are relatively dry, and sanitize the sleeping pads again and return them to the closet.

7.  Have fun! The speakers for the Shuttle train can be found near the reading nook with a simple RCA/headphone connection. The B Train speakers are in the cabinet above the “kitchen area”. If you have your own portable speakers feel free to bring those as well!