How to Choose a Lens for a DSLR

By PhotographyGuide  (10:31)

Choose the best DSLR camera lens for different types of pictures. Know what criteria to look for when choosing a DSLR lens that will deliver the picture you envision. Steve Neidorf demonstrates three DSLR lens categories and the type of picture each lens takes. Watch the video to understand the decisions you need to make and variables you need to consider before choosing the best ens for your picture.

Written Activity

Take notes either on paper or on a computer as you watch this informative webinar. You should end up with three general types of focal lengths and the properties they give you. Then you will need to type up the results and turn them into your instructor. Be prepared to discuss all of the concepts in class and start applying them in your filmmaking.


  1. Wide Angle
  2. Normal
  3. Telephoto
  4. Practical
  5. Creative
  6. Zoom vs Prime
  7. Macro