ninjawin advertising guidelines

If you’re reading this, you’re interested in advertising on, great choice! Here we outline what types of advertising you can place on the site, and the costs for each. First up, a few general rules that apply to anyone wishing to place an ad:

General guidelines

  1. To apply to place an ad, take a look at the guidelines below & drop an email to with your application
  2. Only adverts as detailed below are currently available - if you have any other requirements, get in touch with the ninjawin team
  3. The team reserve the right to decline or remove any advertising which they feel is not appropriate to ninjawin users, or does not fit in with the ninjawin ethos
  4. There are some artwork guidelines to follow, these are detailed below. We’d recommend you take a look at these before submitting your artwork, as the team will only place an ad on the site that follows these. We’re happy to discuss these with you and help if we can, just drop us a line
  5. Prices listed are subject to change (you will be charged the price listed here at the time of booking)
  6. Payment for monthly bookings is to be made in advance via paypal transfer once the team have given the go ahead:
  7. We provide weekly reporting on impressions & clicks
  8. We’re a small team of real people, so if your ad is not reaching the predicted number of impressions for whatever reason, we’ll work something out to make sure you get your money’s worth!

Artwork guidelines

  1. Artwork should be supplied in any of the following formats: png, jpg, gif, swf
  2. Any artwork of type .swf should have an appropriate .gif backup for devices that do not support flash
  3. Filesize should not exceed 50KB
  4. Dimensions for each ad type must match those listed below
  5. Artwork should clearly represent your company or brand
  6. Do not use the ninjawin colours or branding in the advert

Available spots

Comp listing ad unit

300px x 250px

Average impressions per month: 115,000

Appears on:

Rental price: £120 each per month