Download this document by clicking here

Click the ‘Get Apps today’ button

Then fill in your details and the name of your school.

For the sake of this guide, I’m registering a new domain called ‘’

Choose a username and password, read the conditions and then sign-up

To get the Education version of Google Apps, you will need to fill in a form. This will transfer your Google Apps account from the trial Business version with 10 users onto the full Education account. This usually takes 1-2 weeks but can take a lot longer. To speed-up the process, in the comments box of the form, write that you have disable Google+. If you are still waiting then you can visit this forum to ask for help.

Anyway, once you have completed the form, click the purchase domain and then sign-in.

You are then given the option of paying in dollars or sterling. You can also review the terms and conditions of the hosting company. This $8/£6 is the only cost you will incur for using Google Apps for Education. You will then be passed to a page to submit bank account or credit card details.