Monthly Meeting Agenda

Board of Directors

GSP Health Cherokee Board Room

November 20th, 2018 at 5:30 PM

Call to Order                                                                        Susie Koontz


Staff Introduction: Jake Smith, Accountant & Aaron Jenlink, DCO        Marcus Stephens & Tim Starkey                                        

*Minutes Presented:                                                                Sharon Kunzman

                Regular Meeting – October 23, 2018                

Monthly Financial Reports from Last Month                                         Marcus Stephens


  1.         Cash Flow Statement
  2.         Balance Sheet
  3.         Income and Expense Statement
  4.         Monthly Financial Indicators        
  5.         Patient Encounters Last Month

*Finance Committee Report                                                        Leslie Collins

Chief Executive Officer Report                                                        Tim Starkey

Chief Operations Officer Report                                                        Donnell Gibson

Outreach and Public Affairs Report                                                 Jeff Hickman

*Old Business

*New Business

  1.         Approval of Painting Quotes for Cherokee                                Jeff Hickman
  2.         Medical Marijuana Policy                                                Tim Starkey
  3.         Annual Board Conflict of Interest Disclosure Form                        Sierra Dirden        
  4.         Approve HIPAA Privacy and Security Policies and Procedures                Jeff Hickman        
  5.         Influenza Vaccine Policy                                                        Sierra Dirden

*Executive Session -                                        

  1.         25 O.S. 307.B.7 - Quality Improvement Report– HIPAA Protected
  2.         25 O.S. 307.B.1 – Personnel- Credentialing- Carrie Dugger, RN & Cayenne Criswell, LPN         

Re-credentialing- Linda McMurphy, MD, Erica Hamilton, BSN, Ginna Hulett, BSN, Sydney Holland, PA-C