All Harbour Pointe Men’s Club tournaments shall be governed by USGA Rules and the Local Course Rules. It is each player’s responsibility to know all rules governing competitions, including proper application of Winter Rules when applicable, free drop areas, etc.

HPMC Membership Dues are payable on or before the Wednesday Night Kickoff in March of the current year. Members from the previous year who have not paid the HPMC annual membership fee prior to any event including and after the Kickoff are not eligible to receive winnings or to compete for KPs, Skins, and/or Deuce pot in that event. No first-event exemption will be granted.

A guest may only receive winnings one time. Winnings in any subsequent events will be forfeited if the HPMC annual membership fee was not paid prior to the event. Guests may not compete for KPs, Skins, and/or Deuce pots in any event unless explicitly expressed in the written rules for any particular event. For events during the non-posting season guests (non-members of the previous calendar year) may win any number of times and are eligible to participate in side games. A guest fee of $15 will be charged for guests playing in non-posting season events and will be contributed to the tournament payouts.

A golfer may only win in one division, net or gross – whichever yields the higher payout. Payouts will be determined at the discretion of the Harbour Pointe professional who is managing the event based on the size of the net and gross pots, number of competitors in each, number of flights where applicable, and other factors. Harbour Pointe Pros are welcome to play in events and eligible to win gross or net.

Each individual golfer is responsible for making sure his playing handicap is accurate, even if pre-printed by the event manager. Any golfer who turns in a scorecard with an incorrect handicap may be disqualified from the event at the sole discretion of the Handicap Committee. Handicap adjustments may only be made by the HPMC Handicap Committee. The Harbour Pointe Golf Course professionals do not have the authority to grant handicap adjustments for HPMC events. Access to the HPMC Handicap Committee cannot be guaranteed on the day of an event, therefore golfers are advised to address any handicap grievances at least 24 hours prior to play. Commencement of play shall indicate a golfer’s affirmation of his listed handicap, as well as acceptance of the rules for adjustments set forth herein. Handicap adjustments, after play, shall be at the sole discretion of the Handicap Committee.

Requests for temporary handicap adjustments may be made by requesting a hearing by the Handicap Committee not less than 24 hours prior to the event to be played, and subject to the availability of the Committee members. Temporary handicaps may be requested based on temporary or extenuating circumstances, including but not limited to illness, injury, leave of absence from play, etc.

In all events, if any player is found to have more than one handicap index, the lowest handicap on record shall apply in accordance with the following USGA rule: Failure to post all acceptable scores at all clubs produces a Handicap Index that is not based on the player's best 10 scores of the last 20 rounds played and consequently may not be termed a Handicap Index . If a player has a different Handicap Index at different clubs, the committee in charge of the competition may require the player to use the lowest Handicap Index when competing with players from more than one club. (See Decisions 6-5/2 ).

The maximum course handicap allowed for any Men’s Club event is 32. Players with a course handicap greater than 32 will receive a Course Handicap of 32 for the event.

The Harbour Pointe professional who is managing the event will post all event scores during the posting season to each player’s GHIN handicap. Only rounds from the Player’s Championship, Member-Member, Member-Guest, Club Championship, and Holiday Classic will be posted as a Tournament score. All other events will be posted as a non-tournament score.

All events will use the USGA recommended handicap allowances for Team Competitions.

The Harbour Pointe Men's Club will follow the USGA Handicap Manual Section 3.5, "Players Competing from Different Tees" guidance to allow any player to play from the White Tee markers with a 2 stroke reduction of their White Tee Course Handicap during "Member Tee" events and with a 4 stroke reduction of their White Tee Course Handicap during "Blue Tee" events. Players that choose to play from the White Tees are only eligible to win Net Prizes and are not allowed to win Gross prizes.

The playing handicaps of the two players on a team may not exceed a 12 stroke differential in the Member-Member and Holiday Classic. If the spread is greater than 12 strokes, the player with the higher handicap may agree to reduce his handicap for play to reach the 12 stroke spread.

For each Men’s Club event a minimum of 30 players (individual event) or 30 teams (team event) will be required to split into two flights. A minimum of 60 players or 60 teams will be required to split into three flights. No tournament will have more than 3 flights.

In order to compete in the Club Championship/President’s Cup (3rd major-usually in September), a golfer must have paid the annual membership fee and he must have played in at least 2 weekend tournaments or 4 Wednesday competitions at any time during the current calendar year. Participation requirements shall not apply to the other 3 majors.

Scorecards are to be turned in to the event scorer no more than 15 minutes after completion of that player’s round in order to be accepted. Acceptable scorecards must include:

Incomplete or inaccurate scorecards may be rejected or a golfer may be disqualified at the discretion of the event scorer and/or Handicap Committee.

Honey Pots: Winnings shall be paid in cash in majors and Book Money in all other events.

Side Games: If there is no winner in a side game (Net Skins, Gross Skins, Deuce Pot) during a competition the money collected for the side game with no winner will go into the Men’s Club General Fund.

50/50 Raffle/Hole-in-One Pot: A golfer who scores an ace in an HPMC event (Wednesday or weekend tournament) shall receive a credit in the HP Restaurant/Lounge to help defray the cost of buying a round of drinks for his fellow HPMC participants. The amount of the credit shall not exceed $300 and is subject to adjustment based upon the size of the field, the available balance in the account, and the number of aces scored in the event. There will be a one drink maximum for each person in the bar that can be put on the Hole-In-One tab. Drinks must be ordered in the bar (no drinks off the beverage cart for the Hole-In-One tab) and only beer, wine, and well drinks will be covered. The tab will not start until the person who scored the hole in one has entered the bar. Policy decisions regarding the operation of the 50/50 Raffle/Hole-in-One Pot shall be decided by a majority vote of the HPMC Board. The role of the Raffle Manager is to carry-out Board policy.

A player getting a hole in one will get the KP, the complete deuce pot share for that hole (the deuce pot will remain active for other holes), gross skin, and net skin if not capped by a non-hole in one. To win any of preceding side games the player getting the hole in one must have paid into it before the round. If two or more players have a hole in one on the same hole, all of the above will be split between the players getting a hole in one (each player gets $300 for drinks out of the 50/50).

The HPMC Board of Directors reserves the right to amend the Rules of Competition as they deem necessary for the competitive balance, fairness, and enjoyment of HPMC events. Changes shall be communicated to the membership at-large via e-mail, newsletter, or written rules of play governing any individual event.