Hulstrom K-­8 BYOD Policies & Procedures

In our endeavor to deliver a World-­Class 21st Century Education for our students, we know allowing students to use digital  tools can open more and more learning opportunities in our classrooms. Our school is launching a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy for Hulstrom K­-8 in order to increase the availability for our students to access and utilize electronic learning applications and online information throughout the school day for the purposes of enriched learning. The following is a list of policies and procedures our Technology Committee has developed to help oversee the program and ensure it is implemented wisely.

Student and Parent/Guardian Responsibilities

  1. Student's continue to follow the expectations set forth in the student handbook, as well as, the Adams 12 District Superintendent Policies. These policies include, but are not limited to Superintendent Policy 5030 and 5035.
  2. Students follow acceptable conduct with and without technology as outlined in the Student Code of Conduct (Superintendent Policy Code 5000) and Superintendent Policy Code 5110 for Student Bullying, Harassment and intimidations.

● Students who fail to follow the agreement will have their devices taken away and parents will need to
               meet with admin to have it returned.

3. The District (teachers and administration) has the right and the obligation to monitor all district online activity, and may be required to disclose records of student online use (including materials and records of use that have been “deleted”) under public record laws or other laws.

4. It is the student’s and family's responsibility to ensure the safety of the devices and to avoid loss and and damage.

●  Adams 12 employees are not liable for any device that is lost, stolen, or damaged on campus.

● Insurance coverage is the responsibility of the parents/guardians. We highly encourage families to
  check the details of their homeowners or renters insurance to make sure their policy covers  a
  laptop/tablet device against accidental breakage or theft when outside the home. We also encourage
  all families to purchase the maximum warranty possible on all devices.  The other option is to
  purchase a separate insurance policy for your laptop/tablet device. One company that provides this
  type of insurance is the Worth Ave. Group. Their website is: 
  Protective cases, personal locks codes and labeling of all devices is encouraged.

● In an effort to provide security, teachers will have designated secure areas for the devices to be
  locked when not in use.

5. Students and their family’s are ultimately responsible for ensuring their devices are compatible with the District's wireless system and that the device has anti­virus, spyware and adware programs.

6. Students must connect their devices to the Adams 12 guest network while at school.

7. Adams 12 guest wireless network is firewall protected and is filtered to block inappropriate and non­-educational content, such as social networking and some gaming sites.

8. Students are responsible for management, knowledge of use, troubleshooting, and technical support of their personal devices.

● The school/district is not responsible for technical support of or repairs to personal devices.

● Students must have basic user knowledge and skills for the use of their device.

9. Adams 12 School District is not responsible for any data charges that your account may accrue while using
   a student owned device at school.

● Students and their family will be responsible for the cost associated with purchasing any classroom
   required apps. This will be communicated by the classroom teacher.

● When possible, free apps will be the first choice.

10. Hulstrom K-8 Approved Devices:

-­ iPad  (K-­2)                  

        ­    - Chromebook  (3-­8) ­         


Student Personal Electronic Device Agreement

Hulstrom K­-8, 2014-­2015

________________________________                                                                           _________________________

 (Student Name)                                                                                                                                 (Student ID Number)

Device Name

Model Number#

Serial #

  1. I agree to follow all of the policies and procedures as outlined in the Adams 12 Superintendent Policies and Code of Conduct for the BYOD program.
  2. I will remember that not all people have access to or utilize technology in the same way. I will not treat others differently if they do not have the same options. I will treat others the way that I wish to be treated when using technology. I will keep in mind that my technology use affects others.
  3. I will tell my parents or other responsible adult right away if I come across any information that makes me feel uncomfortable. I understand that to have technology rights that I have to be responsible in my actions as well.
  4. I will check with my parents before downloading or installing software or doing anything that would harm my device or jeopardize my family’s privacy. I will also keep programs such as anti­virus, spyware and adware up ­to­ date to protect our information.
  5. While at school, I agree to maintain and be responsible for my personal equipment. I will keep it safe and secure while ensuring to maintain a good condition. I will follow all safety rules to ensure my equipment is kept safe and secure and agree to take full responsibility for any damage from any nature or cause whatsoever to my own equipment.

________________________________________________________________     ______________________

Student Name                                                                                  Date      

________________________________________________________________     ______________________

Student Signature                                                                                Date      

I will help my child follow this agreement and will allow reasonable use of digital technology as long as these

 rules and other family rules are followed.

_______________________________________________________________     ______________________

Parent/ Guardian Name                                                                        Date      

_______________________________________________________________     ______________________

Parent/ Guardian Signature                                                                    Date      

*Failure to abide by this contract may result in disciplinary action and removal of the device from classroom and

 termination of the BYOD program for the student.