The people we  assist will often be in crisis by the time they ask for help and may be facing a range of issues in addition to their need for immediate assistance, including homelessness, mental illness, suicidal ideation, domestic and family violence, or drug and alcohol dependence. You may feel overwhelmed by the level of disadvantage experienced by the people we assist.

The work you do is stressful, so make sure you are aware of the following burnout symptoms:

Please note that these symptoms may be associated with other conditions (including depression) and you should consult a doctor if you or others experience the above.

60 Ways to nurture yourself





Take a walk

Deep breathe and think, ‘I am calm and peaceful’

Say an affirmation

Connect with nature

Ride a bike

Share feelings about an experience with a friend

Express your thoughts and feelings in a journal


Exercise at the gym

Sing or make sounds

Make a ‘to do’ list


Stretch and move to music

Hug someone, ask for a hug

Write a poem

Talk to your guardian angel

Practice yoga postures

Pat your dog or cat

Write a letter

Listen to a guided meditation tape

Take a course in Tai Chi, water aerobics, or Pilates exercises

Talk to someone by pretending they are facing you in an empty chair

Listen to music

Write about your spiritual purpose

Sit in the sun for 15 minutes

Telephone a long distance friend of relative


Email a friend

Visualize yourself in a peaceful place

Change one thing to improve your diet

Notice what you are feeling several times a day

List things you will do to improve your life

Do something of service for another or for your community

Watch birds and animals interact in nature

Write a letter to someone who has hurt you, but do not send it

Update negative beliefs that limit your life

Join a church group

Go swimming

Feel your fear and take a positive risk for change

Journal write daily about your reactions, thoughts, and feelings for a month

Learn about a religion different from your own

Sit in a garden or park

Smile at a stranger and send them thoughts of peace, acceptance and  joy

List your traits, needs and wants

Study with a spiritual teacher

Take a nap

Affirm yourself daily with self-nurturing

Make a list of short-term and long-term goals

Study ancient esoteric wisdom teachings

Get a massage

Watch children play, talk to your inner child in a loving, joyful way

Preview your day upon awakening. Review upon retiring

Practice unconditional love and forgiveness with self and others

Eat healthy for one day

Acknowledge yourself for accomplishments you are proud of

Work on your family tree


Practice a daily quiet time, a routine to connect spiritually

If you are experiencing symptoms of burnout and none of the strategies outlined above are helpful, it is important that you seek appropriate professional support to manage your stress and workload.