Project Title:  Ancient Civilizations

Angela Spitzman

@Online3 Course 1 Final Project

Standards Met:

3.1 The student will explain how the contributions of ancient Greece have influenced the present world in terms of architecture, government (direct and representative democracy), and sports.

3.4 The student will develop map skills by

a) locating Greece and Rome;

b) describing the physical and human characteristics of Greece and Rome;

c) explaining how the people of Greece and Rome adapted to and/or changed their environment to meet their needs.

ISTE Standards

1. Creativity and innovation

Students demonstrate creative thinking, construct knowledge, and develop innovative products and processes using technology.

a. Apply existing knowledge to generate new ideas, products, or processes

Enduring Understanding:

The ancient Greeks were a group of people who made significant contributions to society.

The ancient Greeks have influenced the lives of people today.

Essential Questions:

What principles of government from ancient Greece are part of our present government?

How did the contributions from the ancient Greeks help shape society today?


Goal: Your goal is to use Google’s Tour Builder to create a virtual trip (museum) of what a visitor might see if they were to visit the ancient civilization of Greece.

Role: You have been asked to take on the role of a tour guide. You will take participants (tourists) through an exhibit of ancient Greece, showcasing its many contributions to our world today.

Audience: Your target audience is students in a grade 2 class, who are acting as tourists going through your exhibit.

Situation: The context you find yourself in is that you have become an expert on ancient Greece and the many contributions our present world has adopted from this civilization.  You will use your expertise to show the impact ancient Greece has had on our world today.

Product: You need to develop a virtual trip- using Google’s Tour Builder, so that tourists are able see to how important the ancient civilization of Greece is to us today, even in the 21st Century. You will discuss and explain the influences of ancient Greece. Your virtual museum should include examples of each of these areas, as well as where/how we would see it today.

Six Facets of Understanding:

Explain: Students will explain the contributions and influences our world has received from the civilization of ancient Greece.

Interpret: Students will interpret what contributions the modern world has taken from the ancient Greeks and why they are important to us to today. What impacts have they made?

Apply: Students will develop a virtual museum, using Tour Builder, that shows the contributions and influences our world has received from the civilization of ancient Greece.

Have perspective: Students will be able to identify the contributions our world took away from the ancient Greeks from the perspective of young people, learning about the world around them.

Empathize: Students will share their virtual museums with other students taking on the role of a tour guide, sharing the importance of studying different ancient civilizations and the impact it had on shaping our world today.

Have self-knowledge: Students will realize that history is connected to the present. Certain things are the way that they are for a reason, and was influenced by events and civilizations of the past.