Posting to a Class Blog

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Posting to a Class Blog

Posting to a Class Blog

Blackboard provides access to several types of communication tools. Blog is one of them, that is often used to allows students to post their personal reflection about the course or discuss and

analyze course related materials. Depending on your instructor’s choice, your course may have any of the following types of blogs: individual, group or course blogs.

An individual blog belongs only to one student and only that student can contribute to it. A group blog can be added whenever a group is created. Only members of that particular group have access to it. In a course blog all students can participate and contribute to the discussion.

To post to a course blog:

  1. Log onto your Online Course of choice.

  1. Click on Course Tools > Blogs.

  1. Select the Blog you want to make a post on.

  1. Select Create Blog Entry.

  1. Provide a Title and  write your post in the ‘Entry Message’ text box.

  1. To upload an attachment / ‘Blog Entry File’, select ‘Browse My Computer’ or ‘Browse Content Collection’.

  1. You can save your post as a draft by selecting ‘Save Entry as Draft’.

  1. Once you are ready for submission select ‘Post Entry’.

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