Water Proof Socket


Water Proof Socket for LED Lamp Bulb which without using any rubber coverings.

And 7 Clear Plastic Colour - Covers Assortments for saving costs.


You can use those sockets in the waters as well. Colour-Covers can protect LED bulbs even in and

on the Heavy Windy Rains, Water Jetting, Water- Springs, Springs, Ponds, Waterfalls, Aquariums, Rivers, Lakes or Seas, etc.


Green Colour Socket cables in 3 photos are not our manufactured products.

Those Green Coloured Sockets and cables are conventionally produced and covered by Green Rubbers.They are too conventional and not economical as manufacturing processes are too complicated and too heavy for hanging in air.


Nkita Consulting: For further details and investment conditions to start manufacturing at your country or place.

You are kindly requested to enquire to us by Email this address norionplanets@gmail.com in English.


Nkita Consulting in UK is technically able to teach how to produce those our innovation products for your markets.


Nkita Consulting (UK) : norionplanets@gmail.com Skype ID : norikitaskype77




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