Here is a step-by-step on how to add an image into your Outlook email signature:

Step 1

Create a new email

Step 2

 Click on the “Signature” icon on the top of the email  

Step 3

 It will drop down a menu – select “Signatures…”

Step 4

 A small window will open

Step 5

This is where you can type up your signature and add an image.  

Once you have your signature typed up, put the cursor where you’d like the image to go.

Step 6

Click on the image icon in the small window  

Step 7

 Find the image you want to insert

 (our new graphics are in the U drive →  WVR folder →  2013 WVR Graphics.

You can insert a JPG image -- choose one that says “email sized”

Step 8

Then, click OK.  You’re all set!