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Getting started

version 1.3



MailDoodler allows you to centrally manage all of the employees Gmail signatures. This will help the brand consistency and compliance. You can also use this as a powerful marketing tool by adding and changing mail banners. The reasons why we love MailDoodler:

In this manual the easy steps in creating the perfect mail signature for every group and department within a company are explained:

MailDoodler has a build in 14-days trial which after ending will ensure that:

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Views and dashboards        3

Dashboard        3

Signatures        3

Media library        4

Settings page        4

Creating your first signature in MailDoodler        5

Signature view        5

Pre-set signature        5

Designing your own signature        6

Assign your signature to users        7

Search users to view signature status        8

Why is my user total still 0?        9

Views and dashboards


The dashboard gives insights in total users that have been fetched from your domain. Also lets you view how many people are opt-in and opt-out (if settings is set) and lets you view when the last signature push and user import was enforced.


In this page admins can manage signatures and create new signatures

Media library

The media library is used to store images like logos and email banners.

Settings page

The settings are viewable by clicking the in the right corner side. The following menu  will then become visible:

Autorisation will give users the option to add people admins that can change Signatures in MailDoodler.

In the configuration admins have the opportunity to change the signature auto-push interval, the Google directory sync interval, change the admin domain email address and to give users the opportunity to opt-in opt-out of signatures.

In the billing page admins can view their subscription status, add credit card credentials, coupons and view upcoming and current invoices.

Creating your first signature in MailDoodler

Signature view

First step is to go to the ‘SIGNATURES’ view and click on the blue button ‘here’ in the orange beam. (If you wish to create a second signature, you will find a new button in this screen called ‘New Signature’.)

Pre-set signature

We have placed a pre-set example of how your signature may look as a start. As you can see a lot of information in this pre-set signature is variable and is information that is being fetched from your Google company directory.

Designing your own signature

If you delete the pre-set signature you can insert your own signature. You have many tools at your disposal.

Signature title

The signature title is a name you can give to your signature so you can find it later. This is especially useful if you have many signatures.

Schermopname (14).png

Signature content - formatting

You can easily change the look and feel of your signature by using the formatting tools displayed in the image below. Hover over the items when you are in your dashboard to see a short explanation of what each button does.

Schermopname (14).png

For advanced formatting, use the Schermopname (14).png “Code View” button to directly edit the HTML content of the signature.

Signature content - variables

This is the most powerful tool at your disposal. It is possible to enter information, such as first name, mobile phone or full work address in your signatures that automatically adapts for each of your users. To give it a certain look, use the formatting tools above on the text added in the screen.

MailDoodler gets this information directly from your Google Directory, and as such will always be up to date and easily editable without having to change all signatures.

If you have the option enabled to allow users to add their own quote to personalise their email, press the Schermopname (14).png “userQuote” button to decide where you wish the quote to be displayed and how it should be formatted. Users can edit their quote on their personal MailDoodler page.

For advanced users, it is possible to directly enter these variables inside your HTML code.

Signature content - adding and editing images

To add an image, press the “insertImage” Schermopname (14).png button. This will show all images that you have previously uploaded in the media library. Select and image to add it to your signature.

Schermopname (15).png

Select an image to edit it. Several buttons will pop-up, which allow you to add a link, change the size and positioning or delete the image from the signature.

When adding a link you can select a few values from the dropdown menu which has the following explanation:

Assign your signature to users

After you have completed your signature you must assign you signature to users. You can do this by assigning you signature to Google organisational units or Google Groups which the Google admin have set. There is off-course always an option to push the signature to all users in the company if you haven’t created organizational units or groups..

Search users to view signature status

As an admin it is possible to view every person in your company through MailDoodler. Then if you find someone through their email address you can also push a signature to a single user of fetch from a single user account details.