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“Every man is full of sin. We live and die in sin. That is our fate.”

Names: Tatsumi, Nakajo, Sumita, Mumyoi, Murakami

Ages: 20s-50s

Weapons/Attacks: Fists (Tatsumi), Baika Chuzen (Nakajo), Ax (Sumita), Clawed gauntlet (Mumyoi), Chain swords (Murakami)

Allies: Tokugawa Bakufu, Iizuka, Yukishiro Tomoe, Yukishiro Enishi

Enemies: Hitokiri Battousai

Biography: The Yaminobu are the Kyoto branch of the Oniwabanshuu. These elite ninjas act as spies and assassins, breaking into and out of buildings easily and murdering people in the darkness. The chain sword wielding Murakami was the first to fall to Battousai’s swords.

Just before Murakami’s death, Tatsumi, the Yaminobu’s leader, had ordered Yukishiro Tomoe to ingratiate herself into Battousai’s heart and weaken him from within.

After six months spent in the peaceful Otsu countryside with Tomoe, Battousai’s fighting spirit had dimmed enough that the Yaminobu felt safe to take him on. The Yaminobu took Tomoe as their hostage to force Battousai’s hand. Battousai clashed with Nakajo, who was able to deafen him, Sumita and Yatsume who were able to wound and blind him before killing them.

The last one to fight Battousai was Tatsumi himself. He proved to be the most difficult to fight for the deaf, blind, numb and exhausted assassin. Tatsumi was able to easily dodge Battousai’s swings and strike Battousai when he was open from swinging his sword.

Finally, Battousai realized the only way to beat Tatsumi was to kill him in a single strike. Battousai raised his katana. Tatsumi raised the dagger he had taken from Tomoe and they charged at each other…

Personality: The Yaminobu’s sole reason for existing is to protect the Bakufu’s system of government. They think nothing of sacrificing their lives for what they perceive as the greater good. Tatsumi believes that people cannot live peacefully together without strict enforcement by the government and is willing to kill and even die himself to keep things this way.

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