#174 - Into the Nexus: “Incentivization”

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Stukov and the Xul Rework are Live!

Been playing Stukov on QM. Had a lot of fun with him yesterday with a couple friends. (So far, have not tried Xul. going to try and get it in before showtime)

General Win-rate: 46.7%

Careful with your Lurking Arm, it does not have cancel protection. You can press E too fast.

Lurking Arm Interactions:


Up 2.0% to 52%

Shackler execution build currently has the highest win rate

Fantastic talent diversity. Best builds lack any obvious synergy and instead make him a little better at everything.


Balance Update

Malthael - Down 2% to 56.3% Still top winrate

Performing poorly on Garden Terror (still 50%)

Reaper’s Mark (Trait)

Tormented Souls (R)

​Level 13 - Ethereal Existence (Trait)

Ragnaros - Up 0.2% : 52.2%

Molten Core (D)

Tyrande - Up 3.2% to 48.0%

(Right below Genji and still above Li Ming, Auriel, Zarya, Genji,Thrall, ETC, Zeratul, ETC and Muradin)

Basic Attacks per second increased from 1.25 to 1.33

Level 4 - Celestial Attunement (Q)

Level 13  - Quickening Blessing (Q)

Level 16 - Mark of Mending (D)

Level 16 - Elune’s Chosen (Active)

Level 20  - Eyes of the Huntress (R)

Developer Comment:  We have been reading a lot of feedback on Tyrande and have heard overwhelming requests to give her substantial buffs. While we would love to do so, our internal data shows her rework win rate is sitting within 1% of her pre-rework values (.8% higher at high-level play and .1% lower at medium/low levels). The rework was focused on lowering the power of her healing while greatly strengthening her utility and damage output. Our data is showing that we are meeting those goals but realize that a lot of players are still attempting to solo-support with her. We are actively aware of the Support role-perception issue, especially since it transcends just Tyrande, and are exploring a lot of different options to help alleviate the frustrations.

Anub'arak - Down 0.3% - 52.4%

Basic Attack damage reduced from 95 to 91

Base Maximum Health reduced from 2003 to 1925

Locust Swarm (R)

Cocoon (R)

Locust Swarm  winrates by 0.5%

Level 16 - Epicenter (E)


Loss Forgiveness - Alan Dabiri

With a constantly evolving game like Heroes, I've learned to rarely say things like "we'll never do that".

Having said that, a straight up surrender option is one of the things that we probably will never add to this game.

The games are short enough, and there is just too much potential for comebacks. Adding a straight surrender voting system would create more toxicity and it sends the wrong message.

However, I totally agree that leavers can create a poor game experience. So there are a bunch of things we are considering to improve the experience here. "Loss forgiveness" seems like a good addition to the game, and it's one we are actively discussing. There are also other ideas on the table in that same vein.



New Website: Heroes Compare: Psionic Storm

Dunktrain and masters / grandmasters sit through a 2 hour queue for a 8 minute game

Sun’s Out Guns Out items will not have their shard value reduced during the event

Nazeebo is currently bugged. If someone aoe nukes your poisoned lane, they will not count towards stacks. Spider jar can also do this.

With sappers gone, enemy players can keep hanamura going indefinitely. Though you can probably do this on most maps if you want to.

Lords of the Storm ran a fantastic interview with Hero Designer Nate Lamusga

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Strategy Mailbag


Lately I've been trying to up my draft game. I've been using HeroesCounters.com/Map. After I see what unranked draft map we'll be playing on I quickly alt tab to that site and check the best heroes for that map. I try to choose within the top say... 15 heroes. Is this a mistake?

It feels that I lose draft even more than I do quickmatch. I realize players in unranked draft are likely more serious than players in quickmatch so that might be what is challenging me, but I also feel that ignore the enemy comp when choosing a hero. Also I tend let that site lead me to heroes I don't really know that well and not choose what I am comfortable with.

It feels overwhelming to a) pick a hero that is good for the map. b) happen to be good with a hero that is good for that map. c) pick hero that doesn't suck again the enemy's team comp.

How much does the enemy team comp matter vs choosing good heroes for the map? Am I over thinking this?


Thank you for all the great content you guys are making. I really enjoy your show. I have been listening since episode one, even though i really did not start playing Heroes until 2.0. The new player advice that you guys and Dunk talked about got me to leave ai play and go into quick match.

I took Kael into quick match and did not know what lane I should be in at the start of the game. I did know that we needed someone in each lane to soak xp. The map was Cursed Hollow and 3 people went mid and one went top. So I went bot, and died... alot. There were 2 opposing players, and I know I played poorly, but should Kael be a solo laner? How do I know what lane I should be in with whatever hero I'm playing?


Love the podcast. It's the only thing I support with patreon and I do so proudly!

Anyways, when I'm starting out on a hero I often refer to Icy Veins' build guides for recommended talents.

However, I've found that some of their not recommended or "trap talents" have resulted in a dramatic improvement in my performance, taking lousy heroes in my roster to top win rates. For example, Rexxar ' s hunter gatherer regeneration globe quest and Thrall ' s new blood for blood talent.

You guys have experienced something similar with Nazeebo ' dead rush zombie build, do you have any other experiences like this?

Also, Stukov is just infested Mr Slave from South Park. Seriously, look at his emojis.


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