Elementary Principal: Jeffrey Lund - Newfolden Office: (218) 874-8805 - Viking Office: (218) 523-4425
Office Information: Secretary Jean Anderson Newfolden  7:30 to 3:30 M-F -  Secretary Patty Wagner Viking 8:00 to 3:30 M-F

Upcoming Events at the Elementary Schools

  • March 1 - Pajama Day (Dr. Suess's Birthday)
  • March 4 - Kindergarten Conferences 3:30 to 8:00 - Viking
  • March 5 - ECFE Night (Viking)
  • March 7 - Kindergarten Conferences 3:30 to 6:30 - Viking
  • March 15 - Grade 5 Attending Writers' Conference in TRF (15 students)
  • March 19 - ECFE Night (Viking)
  • March 22 - REMINDER: There will be school due to calendar change!
  • March 22 - Last Day of Quarter 3
  • March 26 - ECFE Night (Newfolden)
  • March 28 - Report Cards Sent Home

Accelerated Reading Totals since beginning of school:

Viking Elementary

  • Tests Passed: 3118
  • Points Earned: 1479.4
  • Words Read: 2,646,454

Newfolden Elementary

  • Tests Passed: 4598
  • Points Earned: 7128.7
  • Words Read: 45,772,649

I Love to Read Month Follow-Up

We had a spectacular I Love to Read Month. Viking School started a new initiative to get Dads (or Grandpas) in to school to read in their child's class. We have many wonderful experiences! The kids loved having their loved ones come in and I think Dads and Grandpas enjoyed themselves as well. We are always looking for ways to spark more parent involvement. This new plan looks like it is here to stay! Thank you to everyone that was able to participate! Newfolden Elementary students were working hard on trying to hit an Accelerated Reading Point goal of 1200 points in the whole school. At the time of writing this article they are at 800 points with one week to go. I know they will  make it! We keep lifting the goal higher and higher and our students keep finding a way to meet it! Thanks teachers and parents for helping and allowing time for the child to read their books! To celebrate all the students' hard work during I Love to Read Month we are going to have Pajama Day. Viking students will bring in their favorite book for a book parade.

Scholastic Book Fairs

We had another amazing Scholastic Book Fair. We had a great turnout for the open house nights in Newfolden and Viking. Many parents came to help students purchase books during the students' scheduled times. Newfolden Elementary Book Fair had total sales of about $3,300. Viking Elementary Book Fair totals are still coming in. At time of this newsletter they took in approximately $2,500 in sales. The book fair provides students will the opportunity to purchase new popular books, and it is an important fundraiser for our school libraries. Newfolden Elementary received about $1,400 in free books and we anticipate Viking Elementary will receive around $1,300 in free books for Viking School Mary Anderson and Patty Wagner did a wonderful job organizing the event. Thank you to parents who also volunteered to help and work. Thank you are parents, students, and teachers for shopping at the book fair and supporting our school libraries.

Reporting Concerns and General Complaints

We encourage open communication in all our schools. Even though everyone is working very hard and trying their best, misunderstandings can happen. If you have a concern or complaint about your child's classroom, the playground, or anything that happens in school, please start with your child's teacher and work together to try to solve it. If you feel like you need more help in solving the problem then contact me (Principal Jeffrey Lund). The teacher may feel the problem needs my attention right away and direct you right to me. If your child has issues with the school bus, please contact me. I will check with the driver and/or transportation manager Wayne Smith and talk to your child and see if we can resolve the issue. Many times small problems become larger because of poor communication. We want all our parents to work cooperatively with teachers. If a teacher calls you about an issue with your child please work cooperatively with them on a solution. Our teachers can handle most things in the classroom, but do need parents help at times.

Buses - Please be on time at stops and talk to children about behavior

We have had some issues with students not getting to their bus stop on time. The handbook reminds parents to have children " at the bus stop five minutes before the scheduled pickup time.” It also states, “The bus driver will not wait for late students." We have to follow this guideline to keep the bus schedules on time. The scheduled time does not mean that your children should be running out of the house at this time. They should be waiting at the stop. If you are unsure of your specific time, please contact transportation manager Wayne Smith (218) 874-7291 or Jean Anderson (218) 874-8805 and they can help you. We have also have been having more misbehaviors on the bus. There are a lot of children getting out of bus seats, pushing/wrestling in seats, and students bothering others on the bus. Children are expected to be in their seats while keeping their hands, feet, backpacks, and other objects to themselves. The driver's number one priority is driving the school bus. The drivers have been instructed to issue tickets if children are not following rules. Here is a reminder of handbook policy concerning violations:

  • 1st Ticket: Warning or Detention
  • 2nd Ticket - 1 to 3 school days suspension from riding the bus
  • 3rd Ticket - 3 to 5 school days suspension from riding the bus
  • 4th Ticket - 5 to 10 school days suspension from riding the bus
  • Further offenses - individually considered.

If a student goes 60 calendar days without a report, the student's consequences may start over at the first offense. Based on the severity of student conduct, more serious consequences may be imposed at anytime. Please remind your child to follow bus rules. If your child receives a ticket it is especially important that you tell them how serious their actions were and how inconvenient it would be for you to have to transport them to school if they get a bus suspension.

Kindergarten Registration - April 16

We will be holding kindergarten registration at Viking Elementary on April 16 from 4:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. We need parents of next year's kindergarteners to come in and fill out enrollment paperwork during this time. The process does not take very long and helps the district determine what our enrollment will be for the upcoming year. We will have all paperwork available and Kindergarten Teacher Brittany McCormack and Principal Jeffrey Lund will be there to answer any questions for the upcoming year. Parents are welcome to bring your child(ren) to the preschool room for ECFE during registration. The children can play and do activities in the preschool room while parents fill out registration materials.

MCC Elementary Blog (News Archive)

The elementary blog can be found at and it is becoming increasingly popular. We have received almost 3000 hits since the blog has been started. The blog is setup to archive school happenings and will host articles, pictures, newsletters, honor rolls, and other information. Most recent articles include: February Art around Viking; Dads Read in Viking School; and an Electronic Version of this Newsletter.