Hi, welcome to Life, God, and the Universe.  This week’s presentation is entitled “Is there a Creator?”  It’s the first of a two-week presentation.  “Is there a Creator” is a very important question because the answer to that question dictates the answers to related questions such as “Why are we here?”, “Why am I here?”, “Is there a Heaven?”, “Is there a hell?”, “Is there an afterlife?”, “Is there a before life?” It affects your view of morality and how you live your life.

To answer this question, we’re going to execute something called a “thought experiment”. It’s a technique used by Einstein to figure out answers to problems. In this thought experiment, imagine the following. Imagine you’re an astronaut going to Mars. You land on Mars and you’re walking around and you see something that looks like Mt Rushmore.  In seeing that figure, what do you think? What goes through your head? Do you think “oh my goodness, there must have been a creator that created those faces that I see”, or do you think “this must have been a naturally-occurring kind of thing… maybe the wind carved the rocks to form faces”.

If you were to poll people, my guess is that about 99% of all people would say “there must have been a creator. There must have been someone that designed and created those faces.”

Let’s say that you stumbled upon a wrist watch on Mars… same question. Would you imagine that this wrist watch was created by itself automatically or would you imagine that there must have been a designer and a creator that created this watch? Similar kind of answer… if you were to poll most people, they would say “there was probably a designer and creator that created that watch.”

Third consideration… imagine now you run into a Martian… a space alien. Would you imagine that there must have been natural forces, the wind or something, that created this alien… or would you think that there must have been a creator… a designer that actually took the time to create this alien? Now it turns out that 99% of people I would guess would say the alien probably created itself. Why?... because that is what we learned in our biology classes. We learned of something called “evolution”.  In evolution, the whole notion of life has the ability to re-create itself.

When Darwin first came up with the theory of evolution, he imagined that there was a single cell, and from that single cell, more complex forms of life were eventually created, given enough time. It turns out there is actually a major flaw in that whole thinking. It’s really the pink elephant in the room that no one wants to talk about. It’s a problem referred to as irreducible complexity.  What do I mean by that? When Darwin started out with his theory of evolution, he imagined that a single cell was this very simple structure, that it didn’t have many sub-components. What we have discovered over time with what biologists have discovered is that a single cell is WAY more complex than they ever imagined.

How complex?...    Imagine the following. Imagine what it took to fly to the moon. You had to have a collection of very bright scientists put together a project plan that entailed tens of thousands… maybe a hundred thousand tasks that needed to be accomplished… and entailing the use of maybe a hundred thousand employees to carry out those tasks. So the complexity of something such as going to the moon entailed a hundred thousand tasks which is 105.

Imagine if you could shrink yourself down to the size of an atom and you were able to look at a single cell.  What would you see? You would see THE most sophisticated and complex factory you’ve ever seen in your entire life. How complex and sophisticated?...  Instead of 105 number of tasks associated with going to the moon, imagine for a single cell, the number of tasks associated with creating more complex forms of life is more like 1014. That is a one followed by 14 zero’s… significantly more complex than anything man has ever done.

If you look closely at a single cell, it is an unbelievable factor with what looks like motors… rotary motors with drive shafts and gears and conveyor belts… something more sophisticated than anything you’ve ever seen by mankind. Still what may be going through your head is “okay, that’s all nice… you’ve convinced me that a single cell if very complex… and a cell knows how to reproduce itself to create another cell”. Here’s the problem… where did that first cell come from? The very building blocks that we’re talking about for creating life… the whole theory of evolution, assumes that your building blocks are these single cells. If they are very very complicated, how did the single cell… how did that first cell get created? That is an open question that we’ll talk about next week.