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Policies and Procedures

Subject:  Reporting and Follow-Up of an Incident

Effective Date: 9-27-12

Policy Section: Administration

Supersedes Policy and Procedure No:

P & P No: 12

Approved on: 9-27-12

Approved by: Board

Reviewed: 9-23-14, 10-04-16

PURPOSE: To provide a clear line of 1) reporting of physical/emotional abuse or neglect of residents or students to the appropriate organizations and 2) proper document reporting protocol in order to both protect and hold volunteers or staff accountable for their actions and those of sites which the organization associates.

RESPONSIBLE PERSON (S):  Board of Directors


“First-Hand Reporting” – a person who sees or hears information from residents or students that abuse or neglect is occurring.


Within Agency

Upon a concern or incident being brought “first-hand” to a staff/volunteer, that person will provide the information to the Executive Director.  If the incident involves the Executive Director the staff/volunteer can report to any of the board members of or by going to the www.gomariposa.org website and reporting on the “contact us” email.

The Executive Director or Board Member will offer assistance in reporting the staff or volunteer to the appropriate agency in reporting the incident.

On-site Coordinating Agency

Each site will be alerted to the P & P concerning ‘reporting”.   The site will be asked to respond to how the chain of command works within their agency and with who the incidents can be addressed.  It is expected that any site to which a report is brought will self-report to the appropriate agency immediately.

If deemed necessary, the Executive Director or Board Member will provide support to the reporting volunteer to government organizations and will document day, time and person reported and the general information of the report.

The Executive Director and reporting volunteer will follow-up with the government organization within 2-4 days of how the incident is being followed-up.

A written report will be submitted to the board at the next scheduled meeting.

Repeated incidents may be a consideration for termination of work on sites which the organization provides service.  

Volunteers or Staff

Any site or partnering agency is encouraged to report physical or emotional abuse of persons in which volunteers are in contact.

The information should be reported “first-hand” and be made directly to the government agency responsible.   If there is not sufficient clarification from the persons involved, the site or partnering agency has the right to verbally approach the Executive Director or Board Member.  The Executive Director/Board Member should respond to the site or partnering agency within 3 working days.

Repeated incidents may be a consideration for termination of work of volunteer or board member.

  1. The Executive Board will bring any serious ethical issues to the general board via email and input an discussion and any potential votes
  2. The Executive Director or any board member will bring a termination of work concern to a member of the Executive Board who will bring the report to the Executive Board in a “closed” session
  3. A written document will be made available for the files as to how the incident was resolved.


Formalize a template for written reporting of incident.


The policy shall be reviewed prior to the annual meeting each year for revision or re-evaluation prior to the meeting.