The Fetchnotes design challenge  


Intuitive and inspirational design is one of our highest priorities. We are very critical of our work and strongly believe in iterative design. To see if your designs are truly fetchworthy, we’d like you to tackle the heart our product, the note itself. Your job is to design it.

After launching the app the user sees a stream of collapsed notes. Each note expands once tapped on. Your challenge is to design both the expanded and collapsed note views of the mobile app. Note that the expanded view includes our “recommendation” which you don’t have to touch. We’ll save that for once you’re on the team!

We’ve purposefully given you a small component of the product to work on. It’s the details that are most often overlooked, yet have incredible impact. Each note should, when applicable, display the following information. You’re in charge of deciding what information should go where and in which state (expanded or collapsed).

You don’t have to change anything. You could tell us it’s perfect the way it is, but make sure you back that up with reasons why. You can add indicators for “future features” like geolocation, due date / reminders, but you are not obligated to add these. Feel free to break away from the current style, be creative, but remember that the most important thing is simplicity, and how your decisions make someone’s life easier.