Mystery Google Hangout/ Skype

***Doing a practice hangout or Skype video call with someone who is familiar to you or your class is a great idea!  This allows your students to get feedback from the other participant (e.g., too loud, not loud enough, don’t move papers, try to stay still to avoid background noise)...This worked really well for us!  Thanks Jane :)



Possible student roles during the Google Hangout/Skype Call.  

Researchers - students research the given clues online

Clue Sharing - students share the class clues with the other class during the hangout

Questioning - students who ask questions (if needed) to narrow down the location (after clues)

Sharing - students share about their city, school & class once the location is revealed


1.  Each class gives 5 clues (going back & forth so that the classes can begin to research).  

My students have the clues narrow down the location as they reveal each one...the first being a clue to the country...then the province...then leading more towards the city or town).

2.  Next each class guesses the country (taking turns).

3.  Then they guess the province/territory or state (taking turns).

4.  Then they take turns guessing the city/community.  After a couple guesses, each class may need to reveal another clue.

5.  Once each class’s location is discovered we may share a bit about our school, class or community.