Dear Parents,

Here is a list of iPad apps that can help your child with their music course. Please note that I have not tried or tested all of these, however they are coming recommended by other music teachers.  Some of these apps are free, and others are paid.

Note reading and rhythm are two of the topics we spend the most time on.  Just like English, Mandarin, Cantonese, French or Arabic; music is also a language that needs to be learned, letter by letter, until the student is fluent in it.

Note Reading Apps

Students in Gr 3-5 should be able to instantly recognise notes in treble and bass clefs, and be able to move through these fluently, without stopping to think.

 Flashnote Derby

  Staff Wars

  Note Squish

 Treble Cat

 Bass Cat

 Music Flash Cards

 Note Perfect


Rhythm Apps

 Rhythm Cat

Rhythm Lab

 The most addicting Sheep game

 Rhythm Training 

 Beat Sneak Bandit

Music Theory Apps

 Music Theory for Beginners

Theory Lessons

All-in-One Apps


 Sprout Beat

Ear Training Apps

Once a student has mastered note reading and rhythm reading, we start on ear training.

Good Ear Pro


 Blob Chorus

 Musaic Box