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Judicial Branch Quiz
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1) The judicial branch

a) makes laws                                                 

b) judges laws

c. enforces laws

d. vetoes laws                                                                                          

2) The number of justices on the Supreme Court is

a. seven

b. nine

c. eleven

d. fifteen                                

3) The current Chief Justice of the Supreme Court is

a. Byron White

b. Anthony Scalia

c. Clarence Thomas

d. John Roberts

4) The term of justices of the Supreme Court is

a. eight years

b. ten years

c. life

d. six years

5) All appointments to the Supreme Court must be approved by

a. the President Pro Tempore

b. the Speaker

c. the House


6) Qualifications of a Supreme Court justice are

a. the same as for the President

b. the same as for a senator

c. the same as for a member of the House of Representatives

d. not stated in the Constitution

7) How Many women are on the Supreme Court today?

a. One

b. Two

c. Three

d. Four

8) The name of the power (or responsibility) of the President that is associated with the military is

a. Chief Executive

b. Commander in Chief

c. Chief of Party

d. Chief Legislator

9) Who appoints justices to the Supreme Court?

a. the President

b. the Senate

c. the Chief Justice

d. the Vice President

10) The electoral college was established by the Constitutional Convention because

a. the founding fathers wanted to keep the common people from making a


b. they wanted a longer election period

c. they wanted to confuse the American people