I’m gonna share when the Spirit says share

I’m gonna share when the Spirit says share

I’m gonna share when the Spirit says share

and obey the Spirit of the Lord

Pentecost was celebrated at the Urban Abbey with global music, clapping, call-and-response, and a pink-and-purple bubble machine.  

The service opened with an invitation to turn to another worshipper, maybe even someone we didn’t know very well, and share a memory of a life-giving moment from the past week.  Nothing immediately came to mind, so instead of visiting with my neighbor I made my way to the coffee bar to re-fill my mug.  Did I mention that the Urban Abbey worships in a bookstore/coffee shop?

As I weaved my way between cafe tables, a memory from last night rose to the surface.  For no reason other than curiosity I had done a job search on the idealist.org website to see which charities were hiring accountants.  Understand, this Spring was my first semester in the Master of Accounting program at the UNOmaha business school, which means I am several years away from a career in nonprofit accounting.  Even so, looking at the want ads and imagining what it would be like to work for one of these NGOs was inspiring.  

Helpful too, in that it helped me remember why it is that I’m spending my summer taking classes in managerial accounting, marketing, taxation, and communications.  It’s easy to lose sight of the long-range goal when preoccupied with learning how to prioritize products to maximize short-term profit with constrained resources.

Upon returning to my cafe table, I shared the insight with my husband.  He already knew about last night’s search, but it felt important to go the next step and claim it as my life-giving moment for the week.  Moment of sharing completed, the service continued, and I thought no more about it.

Until the end of the service, that is, when we closed with the song “I’m gonna sing when the Spirit says sing.”  We did not sing “share when the Spirit says share,” but that’s what came to mind while I was singing.  It felt like the Spirit prompting me to share my life-giving moment again.

So here it is.  Not sure what the Spirit is up to.  There doesn’t seem to be anything particularly important or meaningful about this brief instance in my week.  Nevertheless, I’m trying to pay attention to things that have a Spirit-stirring feel about them and obey the Spirit of the Lord if I discern that they are not merely the movement of an active imagination.  My hope is that if I’m faithful in a small thing, then I maybe I will begin to be faithful in a big thing, too.