Meeting Minutes

Denman Middle School PTSA Association Meeting        Page  of

April 12, 2016        Start        6:10 pm

James Denman Middle School, Library        Adjourn        7:03 pm

  1. Minutes from February 9 and March 8, 2016 JDMS PTSA Association Meetings (NM)
  1. Brief review of minutes
  2. Minutes approved by acclamation (motioned by CB, seconded AM)
  1. Principal’s Report (TS)
  1. Tablets for entire school
  1. Verizon grant for 2016-2017 school year to Denman, Hoover, and Roosevelt MSs
  2. One tablet for each student and teacher
  3. Move toward electronic homework and homework submission; Google classroom
  1. On-site coach for teachers
  2. Parent workshops to support this at home
  3. Need to find balance between electronic and pencil + paper notetaking and work flow
  1. Some high schools may not have electronic systems in place
  1. Also reduce paper usage/photocopying
  1. Device unknown – probably iPads
  2. Will have press release soon
  3. Does the grant include cases?  Need to follow up on this.
  1. New staff for next year
  1. Assistant Principal
  1. Selection will be as last year – SSC interviews
  1. Teachers
  1. President’s Report (SG)
  1. Spring Read-a-thon
  1. Cancelled due to scheduling issues (testing schedule in April)
  2. Will instead promote April reading theme: books that were made into movies
  1. Shae Brown proposed for Treasurer to complete 2015-16
  1. Approved by acclamation (motioned by DG, seconded CB)
  1. PTSA Board slate for 2016-2017 (AM)
  1. President – Stephanie Goeke
  2. VP Community – Carrie Banks
  3. VP Communications – Ottilie Cools
  4. Secretary – Neil Matsui
  5. Treasurer – Shae Brown
  6. Grants Chairman – Kevin Wong
  7. Principal – Teresa Shipp
  8. Teacher Representative – Anthony Boles-King
  9. Board approved by acclamation (motioned by AM, seconded DG)
  1. Treasury Report (SG for AE)
  1. Checks
  1. Ms Meeker - Olympic Club Grant, $5000 for Fitness Room; pass through item <Note – this item was also already approved in 2/9/16 PTSA Association Meeting>
  2. Ms. Powell – PTSA department grant to Special Ed, $3626.70; the original grant was supplemented by Board vote on March 22 as original grant application omitted tax cost
  3. SG - $94.79 reimbursement for copy room supplies
  4. SG - $123.47 reimbursement for items purchased for teacher grant to Ms. Soto for hygiene products
  5. Checks approved by acclamation (motioned by CB, seconded LM)
  1. Budget (attached)
  1. Budget, as presented, approved by acclamation (motioned by AM, seconded OC)
  2. New Board will work on the budget in May
  1. Teacher grant applications
  1. Ms. DeLa’O and Ms. Diaz (PE classes) each requested $150 for Block Rockers; total $300
  1. Each PE class will have a Block Rocker; next year one more PE teacher will need one
  1. Ms. Walton (Science) requested $150 for STEM equipment
  1. Total cost of supplies is $575
  1. Ms. Diaz requested storage/organization items for Bike Club, schoolwide Lost & Found, and PE, totaling $462
  2. The grants above were approved by acclamation (motioned by OC, seconded CB)
  1. Proviso to approval – money must be available in the PTSA treasury to support this
  2. Ms. Walton’s grant is for $575
  1. Community Report (CB)
  1. Planters were weeded on April 9
  2. Soccer line painting in upper school yard was scheduled for Saturday, April 9, but cancelled due to rain
  1. Rescheduled for April 23 morning
  2. LM and PZ will work with NM on line plan
  1. Also looking to bolt down 2 unbolted tables in the lower school yard
  2. Next year we will explore something to enhance auditorium
  1. Upcoming events (SG)
  1. Need volunteers for several events
  2. Textbook collection – April 27, May 4, 10, 11, 12, 13; 1 – 2 pm
  1. Need volunteers to help scan barcodes and store textbooks
  1. Book Fair, May 2-6
  2. Teacher Appreciation Breakfast – May 4
  3. Ice Cream Social – May 5
  1. PTSA sweatpants sale, parent enrollment/recruitment
  1. 8th Grade Graduation – May 20
  1. New business
  1. PZ arranged for Safeway to donate bags for the Denman food bank; need to check if the bags came
  2. Soccer team uses basketball team’s jerseys; would like soccer jerseys; also not enough jerseys
  1. Need to evaluate uniforms for all athletic teams



Stephanie Goeke (President)

Teresa Shipp (Principal)

Carrie Banks (VP Community)

Mary Ann Adelantar (VP Community)

Neil Matsui (Secretary)

Anthony Boles-King (Faculty Representative)

Ottilie Cools

Danica Gittelman

Luis MOnzon

Diane Rosen

Marlena Tang

Peter Zepponi


Meeting Agenda, Budget (SG), Minutes from 2/9/16 and 3/8/16 PTSA Meetings (NM)


Apr 27 – May 13

Textbook Collection

May 2 – 5

Spring Scholastic Book Sale

May 4

Teacher Appreciation Breakfast

May 5

Ice Cream Social

May 20

8th Grade Graduation


Effective Date

Approved  2/9/16 and 3/816 Association Meeting minutes (motioned by CB, seconded AM, motion carried by acclamation) [Item 1.2]

April 12, 2016

Approved Shae Brown as Treasurer for remaining 2015-16 school year  (motioned by DG, seconded CB, motion carried by acclamation) [Item 3.2.1]

April 12, 2016

Approved PTSA Board for 2016-17 (motioned AM, seconded DG, motion carried by acclamation) [Item 3.3.9]

April 12, 2016

Ratified 4 checks (motioned by CB, seconded LM, motion carried by acclamation) [Item 4.1.5]

April 12, 2016

Approved budget (motioned by AM, seconded OC, motion carried by acclamation) [Item 4.2.1]

April 12, 2016

Approved 3 Teacher/Department grants (motioned by OC, seconded CB, motion carried by acclamation) [Item 4.3.4]

April 12, 2016