Bingo Information

General Information:

Why Bingo's??

As a board we understand that it can be difficult to fulfill this commitment as none of us are exempt from it. There are some options that those having a really hard time can consider:


  1. Volunteer Requirements

- 10:30 am for an Afternoon event  

- 4:30 pm for an Evening event

        -push in chairs, clean digi screens, collect programs, clear off tables.


 2. Positions for Events:

                1. Banker/Chairperson                      (count room)

                2. Paymaster                                          (count room)

                3. Special Games Controller                 (count room)

                4. Early Bird                                          (floor)

                5. Lucky Seven                                      (floor)

                6. Houdini                                              (floor)

                7. Mini                                                 (floor)

                8. Odd/Even                                          (floor)

                9. Super                                                 (floor)

                10. Dual Dab                                         (floor)

                11. Wild (evening only)                       (floor)

3. Volunteer info:


Failure to provide the required number of volunteers for a scheduled bingo may result in Olds Rapids losing our scheduled bingos. This is a huge source of revenue for our club.  If you fail to show up for a scheduled shift your bond cheque will be cashed.  If you need to cancel or change your shift it is your responsibility to find a replacement. Please be aware that our volunteer behavior reflects on our club as a whole.