Adding a New IDS Project Member

What is it?

This explains the three steps your library needs to take when a new member library is added to the Project: Exempt from the library from Billing, add the library to a Library Group, and add the library to a Custom Holdings Group.

How does it help?

Properly setting up a new library will ensure new incoming requests from that library are imported into the correct lending queue, that the library will not be billed inadvertently, and that your library can begin using their library for borrowing purposes.

Getting Started

1)  Making a Library Partner Exempt from Billing


a) In the ILLiad Client, <type> the library’s symbol and <click> Search to open the library in the Lender Address form

 b)  Change the Billing Category to Exempt, edit the Copy/Loan Charge fields to reflect $0.00

         c)  <click> Save icon.


2)  Adding a Library Partner to a Library Group

a)  Still in the Lender Address form, click the group name you assigned to IDS libraries. This example shows group name = IDS


3)  Adding a Library Partner to the IDS Custom Holdings Group

Each new IDS library will need to be added to the corresponding Custom Holdings Group. For further instructions as to how to add a library to your  IDS Custom Holdings Group, please refer to the Workflow Toolkit. The Custom Holdings section can be found behind  the section Borrowing.