In our sophisticated picture book study we are going to take a really good look at the


 ‘drawings of the illustrator’



use of colours with the pictures’

And see how they add more detail and information to the story.

WALT: understand information by looking at graphic features

Page 1 of ish

ISH book on youtube

Just take a look at page 1...

What is this page trying to tell you?

That ramon loves to draw


What do you see in the picture that shows you that Ramon really enjoys drawing?

his legs are moving up and down

These a lot of papers scattered around

He drawing right now

He is smiling


What colour was used?

There was yellow

What does that colour remind you of?

The sun , happenis, not sad

What does that colour make you feel or think about in terms of Ramon?

Imagine what would the page look like without any colours then with the colour

Because yellow is such a bright and happy colour

Yellow is expressing ramons feelings.