The Daily Battle

Acacia Bryson

On a cold October morning, I ran out of milk for my already poured cereal and I swear my whole day was ruined. No this wasn’t a life or death situation and it really didn’t make a significant impact in my life. It did though, make me have a slightly crummy day because I had to eat toast when I really just wanted Cheerios. Everyday the people you meet may have had a similar experience that day or it may have been a whole lot worse. You just don’t know. Everyone has a battle, so play nice.

In my freshman year of high school I realized how often people make snap judgements of their peers without really knowing what’s going on. It was in this realization that I decided to not judge solely on outward appearance because there is often a lot under the skin that we don’t get to see. When you catch someone glaring at you they probably don’t hate your guts but maybe they were thinking about a fight they had with their mom that morning.  Or that girl who looks absolutely pissed off may have had to redo her winged eyeliner four times that morning to get it just right and her day has not gone good since. Perhaps your friend is being distant not because you did something wrong but because their dog is sick and they are sad. There are all kinds of reasons that people act the way they do and it is not our place to judge.

Now this belief is not an excuse for people to be mean or rude, but if you are faced with someone who isn’t their happiest self treat them with kindness and compassion in hopes of making their day a little bit better. I mean they already are fighting something so why would you want to add on to it? Knowing that they don’t have to fight with you as well can be a comforting feeling. Constant battling is exhausting and having a kind face can make a major improvement in someone's day.

We all have struggles that are unknown to everyone. They are hidden and dark and sometimes make us feel like we are alone in this world. You are not alone though because we all feel the same way. We are all the same. You are not alone and you never have been.  On that cold October morning when I ran out of milk for my cereal, I had to fight a small battle. But everyone has to fight a battle, so play nice.

Word Count: 437