2017 Oktoberfest Bar Duty - Volunteers Needed!

October 20th, 21st, 22nd | October 27th, 28th, 29th

*** ALERT *** Check here for status, rain delays, and other notices *** ALERT ***

The 2017 Oktoberfest Bar Duty Schedule is open!  Prost!  

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Festival Documents

Online Oktoberfest Bar Duty Schedule (view only)  (you can’t enter your name in the schedule directly and instead have to register via the Bar Duty Registration section below)  

Printable Oktoberfest Bar Duty Schedules: Weekend #1 & Weekend #2  (Only valid for “As of Date” and subject to change; probably best to print just before each fest weekend.  Also, refer to the big printed schedule on the easel for any changes when you check-in each day.)

Bar Duty Guide (includes Reporting Instructions)

Bar Map (not to scale) 

Bar Duty Registration

(Note: If you already requested shifts in-person but have not registered yet this year, it would be good if you can register to confirm your shifts and update your contact information.  The below Registration Form takes 1 minute to complete.)

1. Read the Bar Duty Information & Conditions below.

2. Review the Oktoberfest Bar Duty Schedule in the above section and make a note of the Block Numbers (e.g. D23) of available shifts you would like to work.  (An available shift has a block number.)  

3. Complete this Bar Duty Registration Form to provide/update your contact information and to Add Shifts or Delete Shifts.  If you are flexible, or if you want to be on a wait list, just enter dates and times for which you want to work. This form takes less time than sending an email but, if you prefer, email us at capecoralgascbar@gmail.com with your name, cell phone number, and the shifts you want to add or delete.  

Bar Duty Information & Conditions

Please send us an email if you notice problems with the schedule, have trouble registering, or have questions.  Thanks for volunteering!  

Cape Coral GASC Bar Committee