November 17, 2016 – RELIEF SOCIETY


Conducting:  Sister Baker and Sister Hopf

Accompanist:  Sister Ransom

Chorister:  Sister Curcino

Opening Song:  O My Father – Sisters Ward, Mark  and Kratzer



Opening Prayer:  Sister Liang

Purpose:  Sister Davis




·       Be sure to walk home in three companionships (6 sisters) minimum.

·       If you have a copy of Missionary work in the Digital Age, please return it to Sister Geddes.

·       If you would like to drive, please see Elder Spencer.

·       If you need a flashlight in your apartment, please let Elder Geddes know.

·       Thanksgiving Day the Square will be closed from 12:00 – 6:00 pm.  Please contact the family that you will be having dinner with on Thanksgiving to finalize the time of pickup etc.

·       President Risenmay – There will be limited amounts of Savior of the World Tickets at West Gate.  Sisters are to accompany guests to West Gate that would like a ticket.  Sisters will be giving the opening prayer for each performance of Savior of the World.  Please do not “penny open” your lockers.  A random audit will be performed to be sure lockers are closed properly and locked.  We are 300 over our goal of 1016 baptisms for the year so far.  Please respond to Headquarters Referral within 5 minutes and go to the top of the list.  Generally, these referrals account for 27% of our baptisms.  Last week, they accounted for 54%.

Roleplay:  Sister Smithson and Sister Yan - “Humanitarian Tour”


Sisters Smithson and Yan


Our lesson today was taught by Sister Robin F. Bonham of the Relief Society General Board.

We studied Chapter 4 from Daughters in My Kingdom – Wide and Expansive Sphere of Action.  Today, November 17th, is her mother’s birthday.  Her mother died seven years ago, and lived with Sister Bonham and her husband for the last few years of her life.


Our mission, at the present time, represents 50 countries and 37 languages.  What a wonderful worldwide sisterhood!


In 1834 the Relief Society was discontinued.  Once the Saints reached the Valley, President Brigham Young wanted to reorganize the Relief Society to help the Bishops with the poor and needy.  Sister Eliza R. Snow, the 2nd General Relief Society President, went around and organized Relief Society to help the priesthood and to expand the Sisters’ knowledge of the gospel.



Sister Bonham


Some of the topics we talked about are:


Articulating Beliefs – This is equal to spiritual reliance.  Studying the scriptures helps us keep the 2nd commandment.


Temporal Self-reliance – Food storage (some of the sisters had no idea what food storage is).  Accept personal responsibility and act on it.  Live within your means.  Stay out of and/or get out of debt.


Personal Revelation – Complete obedience and following the counsel of the priesthood leaders.  Write down promptings and act upon them.


We were asked to list some of the things Sister Linda K. Burton, our General Relief Society President has taught us.  She has taught us to look to the priesthood Brethren; observe then serve; thee life me and I’ll lift thee and we will ascend together.


In D&C 121 there are several statements regarding how women fit into the priesthood.  As we read this section, and especially verses 35, 37, 41, 45 and 46 we were asked to treat the statements as questions.


Alma 6

 6 Nevertheless the children of God were commanded that they should gather themselves together oft, and join in fasting and mighty prayer in behalf of the welfare of the souls of those who knew not God.


 8 And Alma went and began to declare the word of God unto the church which was established in the valley of Gideon, according to the revelation of the truth of the word which had been spoken by his fathers, and according to the spirit of prophecy which was in him, according to the testimony of Jesus Christ, the Son of God, who should come to redeem his people from their sins, and the holy order by which he was called. And thus it is written. Amen.


Then Mormon said in 3 Nephi 5:13

13 Behold, I am a disciple of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. I have been called of him to declare his word among his people, that they might have everlasting life.


This is our calling and our challenge, to be disciples of Jesus Christ.


Closing Hymn:  #270 I’ll Go Where You Want Me to Go

Closing Prayer:  Sister Ueno