Architectural Design 2A (CTE)

(formerly Architectural Drafting 1 first semester)

8137 1st Semester Only

Grades 9-12

Fee: $5.00 Lab Fee

Prerequisite: 1st semester: CAD & Hand Drafting ; 2nd semester: Architectural 1 or CAD & Hand drafting.

2nd Architecture course that teaches residential architectural and related construction. Learn about building materials, codes, typical wall sections, interior elevations, plot plans, Specifications, electrical plans, and architectural renderings. AutoCAD software. Learn design principles, the history of architecture, advanced AutoCAD for Architects and design a 2,000+ square foot home. Great for Architecture Students! *3 semester hours of credit possible if you complete 2b through UVU (10th-12th grade ONLY) **Students should sign up for Architectural Design 2A first semester followed by Architectural Design 2B second semester.