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CodingBlocks IN  Video Content Delivery Platform

Full Stack Developer  at CodingBlocks.I am presently working on codingblocks.online, a education platform to present courses online.  I worked on the video transcoding and content delivery using cloudfront from S3 buckets also the frontend HLS player.

CodingBlocks IN  Building a online Judge System

Full Stack Intern at CodingBlocks. I worked on Control panel for the online judge tool, the technological stack includes EmberJs on the front end backed by node Jsonapi backend and AWS Infrastructure.

Edunuts  A facebook chatbot to present resources

Software Intern at Edunuts , My project was written in nodeJS , this bot offers the services of the website, to the users in an interactive way

ember-datetime-picker An Ember Addon

This is an ember addon to for a datetime picker form component based on moment.js.

StagIt  A Steganography npm module to hide text into                  images

An npm module to hide messages into images such that the coded image is indistinguishable from the original by any simple method. 

Payment Managment System  A freelance project for a local business to manage payments received from customers

The Provided solution was delivered using express and node and included bill generation and email to client functions.  


Maharaja Agrasen Institute of Technology, Rohini —  Pursuing B.Tech in Information Technology

August 2014 - March 2018

Aggregate - 74.27%

Coding Blocks, Pitampura — Web Development Course

June 2016 - August 2016

Learnt about full stack web development in JavaScript, including nodeJs, MongoDb , CSS3 , HTML5 , Bootstrap and web development fundamentals.


Comfortable with Git as VCS and Node workflow

Front-frameworks : EmberJs, React  and VueJs

Networking and devOps

Author of broccoli-prepend-commit, ember-datetime-picker and contributor for various ember projects  like ember guides and ember-simple-auth token

  • Familar with new Web Technologies like  Sockets.io and MVC frameworks
  • Able to cope with the ever changing web landscape of syntax , APIs and frameworks.
  • Competitive programming enthusiast , over 100 problems solved on codechef , 95 problems and counting on Spoj looking ahead to participate in ICPC this year.


Expert: JavaScript

Intermediate : C , C++ , Python , BrainFuck

Beginner : Java , PHP


Github.com/abhishek97            Facebook.com/abhishek971