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Abhishek Gupta

New Delhi, India

(+91) 9654624247 


CodingBlocks  — Tech Lead at Online Courseware Platform


Had complete ownership of this product across the company, that included everything from meetings to understand business requirements to releasing the features into production.


I pioneered the platform from scratch, written in Ember.js on frontend and Node.js for backend, this platform now has 23k+ active users and the backend is also consumed by an Android app.

Professional Mentor  Web Application Development


To fulfil my passion for teaching I also teach web development course classes and guide students to navigate through modern web development.

CodingBlocks Ide   Building an online Judge System


I worked at CodingBlocks under an Internship arrangement during college. Worked on the online code judge platform and mainly added support for 2 new language format - Js and CSV

Edunuts Internship  A facebook chatbot to present resources

Software Intern at Edunuts , My project was written in nodeJS , this bot offers the services of the website, to the users in an interactive way

Payment Managment System  A freelance project for a local business to manage payments received from customers

The Provided solution was delivered using express and node and included bill generation and email to client functions.



Maharaja Agrasen Institute of Technology, Rohini —  Pursuing B.Tech in Information Technology

August 2014 - March 2018

Aggregate - 74.27%

Recent Events

Currently, Lead a team of engineers for online courseware project

Trained 150 Professionals at Nagarro Inc as part of their freshers training.

Judged and Spoke at Hackathons across india, most recent one being LNM Hacks @ Jaipur, India

Taught 500+ students in classroom as well as online courses


FullStack: Ember, React, Node

Strong Networking Concepts

Dev Operations

App Development - Flutter

Database - PostgreSQL

Cloud Platforms -AWS, DigitalOcean


Leader of a dynamic product team at codingblocks.

Author of broccoli-prepend-commit, ember-datetime-picker and contributor for various ember projects  like ember guides and ember-simple-auth token