Sandwich High School Athletics Boosters (SHSAB)

Funding Request Process

  1. In order to be considered, all Funding Requests must be included on the Agenda for a General Membership Meeting. Funding Request Forms are to be completed by a SHS Coach. Forms are available through the Athletic Administrator or the SHS Athletics page. SHSAB Members/Team Reps can assist the Coach in completing the Form.

  1. Completed Funding Request Forms are first submitted to the Athletic Administrator for his/her review.

  1. The Athletic Administrator reviews the Form and ensures the request is appropriate, that the SHS Coach has secured competitive price quotes, and that the request will not be funded by the SHS Athletics budget. If the SHS Coach is seeking funds elsewhere or if the Team is planning supplemental fundraising, those will also be discussed with the Athletic Administrator.

  1. After review, if the request is to be submitted to the SHSAB, the Athletic Administrator approves and signs the Form and returns it to the SHS Coach.

  1. The SHS Coach must contact the SHSAB Executive Board ( to be included in the Meeting Agenda, and then presents the Funding Request at the next SHSAB General Membership Meeting.

  1. Following the Coach’s presentation at the start of the Meeting, he/she will be asked to leave so the Funding Request can be reviewed, discussed, and voted on by SHSAB Members. The Coach will then be notified after the Meeting as to whether the Request was approved or if additional research is required.

Revised Spring, 2016