Computer Science Programming &

AP CS Principles Course Overview

Instructor Gina Hansen



Whether Information Technology, Engineering and Design, or Arts, Media, and Entertainment,  Computer Science is now a part of almost every career field. Jobs are plentiful, interesting and flexible despite a changing economy. Many of the jobs in arts, film, finance, health care, journalism, manufacturing, music, security, etc. are growing our local Colorado Economy giving Columbine students many career options.

The ability of being able to innovate with technology is an important part of student success and impacts a student’s ability to make a difference in the world, today. The ability to be able to create and adapt new technologies and engage in problem solving and computational thinking makes computer science different from the computer literacy your parents studied. One of the goals of the course is to introduce students to the Computer Science field and deepen inquiry into the careers supported by the CS Career jobs. This course will introduce several different technology systems and languages to help students develop the skills they need to quickly learn these technologies and put them to use.

Some of the concepts covered in this class will include:

For students who wish to study a Computer Science Career, it is recommended that students take the most challenging courses available to them where they are able to earn an A or B grade. The CO School of Mines recommends the following courses. Opportunities for contests & further study will also be introduced for additional enrichment.

AP Computer Science Principles is a College Level course and will follow the prescribed College Board approved AP Curriculum. Students scoring a 3 or better will receive college credit for this course. We will likely complete the Explore Task around the end of Semester 1, wrapping up the Create Task in early 2018. Participation in this course gives students an additional 2 GPA points. The cost of the exam is $94. As Computer Science is changing so quickly, there is no textbook; all materials are available online. Three important dates associated with the course are listed below.

16%         4/30/2019         08 hours → Performance Task: EXPLORE

24%        4/30/2019        12 hours → Performance Task: CREATE

64%        5/10/2019         02 hours → End of Course AP EXAM w/ 74 multiple choice or multiple answer ?s