Lanterns for Matariki

By Jill MacGregor (SJ No 3 2005)

I am learning to make and justify inferences.


  • I am beginning to link implicit information from the text to make an inference
  • I can use explicit language from the text to justify inferences
  • I can identify and describe what the author wanted me to feel, think about or see in the text


Find the adjectives in the text and list them below:

What are lanterns?

 You need to write the adjectives from the text and write them in this box.


What are lanterns used for?


When do people use lanterns?

 On the cave

Vocabulary Check:

Answer the following questions using full answers.

  1. What do you think is Anneliese and Damon’s favourite part of making the lanterns? Why?

 Cave You need to say your reasons for why it is Anneliese and Damon’s favourite part.


    2.   Why do you think the lanterns are made with so much detail?

 It a light You need to explain why lanterns are made with so much detail.

    3.    Do you think that lanterns are important for Matariki? Why?

 Yes bacuse they need light

     4.   Can you think of any other objects which are made for celebrations?

 Do you know any objects which are made for celebrations?

      5.   How did the kamokamo look different from pumpkins?

 You need to explain how kamokamo look so different from pumpkins.

Steps for making the lanterns for Matariki

Number the steps taken for the lanterns to be made for Matariki. You need to number these steps.

The kamokamo were soaked in water and scrubbed off the mould.


Little windows were cut in the shells and the insides were scooped out.


The stalks were tied onto bamboo poles.


The shells were wiped clean and dried out in the sun.



Write the correct spelling of these words from the text



 Edge Hedge


 Hold Mould




 Spaced Speckled


 Middel Middle


 Soak Soaked


 Tourgth Tough


 Candels Candles