Date: Thursday 07th May 2015

Time: 7pm

Venue: 81 Grace Road, Tauranga

Present: Dana Dunford, Jana Benfell, Petr Faitl, Kamila Lyons

Apologies: Klára Luxford-Rulíšek

Minutes of previous meeting:

This points from March agenda were not discussed yet:

(e) Police Vetting - teachers:  this is now on today's agenda.

f) First Aid - reimbursement: It was decided unanimously that we will reimburse Kamila Lyons $65 for First Aid Training she has completed.

ACTION POINT: Jana Benfell to create payment.

March meeting Minutes:

Moved:     Jana Benfell                                       Seconded:  Dana Dunford

Matters arising:

  1. Website development, letters to donees

Petr presented web site, as it is under construction at present, home page and event page is now finished. We have agreed that the donation towards the web page we will ask is $40 or more. We will display donors’ logo on the web site for 12 months, pro-rating until 31.3.2016. At this moment, Linda and Pepa and Dana expressed interest to be donors. The timeframe for completion of the web site was agreed on end of May 2015. The cost of running the web page will be reimbursed to Petr, and at the moment the page is now running in preview mode for two months at approx $21 per month.

ACTION POINT: Klára to ask Pete, if we can have photos loaded onto Google Drive from Mikuláš 2014 (especially photo of Linda as devil) and from Multicultural Festival.

Jana to research the difference between donation and sponsorship. Petr will put together information for donors, and present it at next committee meeting. Jana Benfell will look at educational quote suitable for our school web page (ie Komenský).

  1. Easter summarization

Klára: “Lovely event as always, great venue, but some children were not behaving appropriately to the venue - will have to rethink if it is the best venue for our needs. Great food and activities enjoyed by all. Thank you Petr for Mazanec & Aja for Pomlazka material”.

Budget presented by Dana:

Rent  St Columba Church                 $45.00                      

eggs  60                                                $18.00   Jana Bt                                                    

wax                                                         $21.70   Klara                                                                       

Total expenses                                     $84.70                      

Collected entry fee:                               $46.00                      

Loss           -$38.70                    

Most popular activity was wax decorating, Pomlazka making, Jidáše baking, and face painting (thanks to Linda).

Suggestions for next years event: Possible change of location, chance to hire Omokoroa Playcentre (approx $30) through Aja Hansen. Suggested was change of date, so the event does not fall in the middle of long weekend. - possibly Easter Monday? Another idea is to have a special meeting prior to the event and invite anyone who is interested to help with preparation of the event.

ACTION POINT: Dana to copy event summarization to Google Drive - Event folder, for reference for next years.

  1. Pálení čarodějnic event summarization

32 attended,  16 adults and 16 children including families from Hamilton and Papamoa. No costs to the club or attendees. Great success. Dana and Kamila L. prepared straw witch, thanks Kamila G for providing the material (straw). Broomsticks throwing competition was a great hit.  Everyone enjoyed cooking meat on fire and children loved the potion making activity and treasure hunt in the dark. Dana got the firewood for free by chance from a building site, but next year we recommend to advertise that wood is needed, to make sure we have suitable wood for building the pyramid fire structure.

ACTION POINT: Dana add info sheet about event to google drive.

  1. Contract for teachers 2015

Jana Benfell with Petr Faitl will prepare new contract for teachers (Klára, Kamila L and Dana). There is a template on google drive in Czech School file. They will work together to find the best template. We are not going to carry on with the contract from last year, where we had teacher as an employee, but  teachers will work as independent contractors. The schedule  for payment of teachers is in Czech School file. We agreed to start paying Klára from mid June, when the arrangement from last year expire, and it will also correspond with receiving grant for teachers wages from the Czech Government into our bank account. The grant from the Czech Republic is not going to cover wages for all three teachers, and the difference is going to be applied for at Bay Trust in June.

In June this year new legislation comes to a place for paid teachers to be police vetted. Jana Bennett started the process but it is still work in progress. Kamila will take over, within end of June timeframe for this to be completed.

ACTION POINT: Dana will send Kamila previous correspondence on teachers police vetting, for Kamila to carry on with the process.  Jana Benfell and Petr to work on contract.

  1. Upcoming events: Conference Auckland

Is being organized by Lucie Kaufnerova, teacher from Auckland. Because teacher from Wellington can attend 27th June, it had been set as the final date for the conference. It was agreed that the conference will be a friendly meeting at someone's home or pub on Saturday night, followed by visit of School session on Sunday. We have agreed on budget of $250 for 4 of us: Klára, Kamila L, Jana Benfell and Dana to attend the conference. Klára, Dana and Jana will travel in Jana’s Benfell car, and the budget will cover the cost of the petrol. Rest of the money will be used towards dinner on Saturday. We will  ask other club members if they want to join. For accommodation, we will look to stay at friends’.

ACTION POINT: Dana will find out from Lucie where the meeting/school is, and for her advice on accommodation. Dana will cancel Arataki booking for Sunday 28th June.

  1. Upcoming events: Movie night

Movie night was a most popular event last year, so we have decided to have movie night this year in September or October again. We will use Rialto Cinema, the 80 seater hall. It was discussed that we will only provide light snacks such as chips or nuts. We may increase the ticket cost to $17 to cover the costs pending on cost of movie licence.

Dana have contacted UFO agency via email on 06/05 , asking for advice on if and what movie we can get from them. My suggestions:

ACTION POINT: Kamila will print list of above movies to take to Czech School, for people to vote on top 4 favorites. Petr will organize this event and source the movie with Dana’s help. Dana will send Petr contact for Filmcentre  website.

  1. Upcoming event: Loutkaři z Jaroměře (puppet show)

It was agreed in June 2014 at conference in Melbourne that we will take part in hosting a puppet theater “Loutkaři z Jaroměře”. The cost we are expected to pay is not finalized yet, but it will be a share between Auckland School Wellington School and Us. We have agreed that we will cover cost estimated $221 - $350. The estimated date for this event is Labour Weekend.

ACTION POINT: Dana to contact Jitka to ask if we can contact Loutkaři directly, as there is lots of unclear details regarding their stay in NZ.

  1. Upcoming events: Snow Camp

Dana: This event was advertised on Facebook for couple months. The people who contacted me with interest or joined the vent on FB received email last week, asking them to pay ASAP to confirm their bookings. The cost is $98 per person for two nights and includes meals. Petr V will provide some ski instructions for children, but it will be relaxed family event with no set program. There are no costs or profits arising to the club with this event.

As per today, 30 people paid ($2844 in club account), and 2 to confirm. There is 9ppl on waiting list. The total balance will be forwarded to Scouts Lodge via online banking. There is no refunds, if someone can’t attend they will need to find replacement themselves (or with our help).

 ACTION POINT:  Encourage people to join waiting list by contacting Dana, there are bound to be families or individuals who may not be able to attend due to possible sickness. Dana to organize payment to Scouts Lodge before the end of May.

  1. upcoming event AGM

7 people confirmed attendance. Nominations: Jana Benfell: Treasurer, Klara: Teacher, Petr: It Technology, Kamila: Teacher, Dana: President. Voluntary positions: Lenka Hejdukova took the voluntary position of librarian, but does not want to become committee because her life is too busy at this time.

ACTION POINT: Petr will print Agenda/Invitation to take to school on Sunday, to finalize attendance. Dana will ring the restaurant to confirm our number on Sunday evening.

  1. Ngamuwahine camp

We have decided to discuss this point at next meeting.

ACTION POINT: This is to be added to agenda for next meeting.

  1. Costumes

All Mikuláš costumes are at Jana Heller. Together with costumes from Multicultural Festival, she will store them at her loft at her house. Jana and Pepa Heller are building customs rack and purchasing plastic covering. The costs will be reimbursed.

ACTION POINT: All costumes to be handed over to Jana Heller.

  1. Position description specifications

Dana: As to improve on being clear what tasks is in whose responsibility, I have developed position specifications. The reason behind it is a project of developing an Operation Manual. This will also help the club to become sustainable in long run. Templates were sent to all concerned for editing, over a month ago. The description can be changed by vote on any committee meetings as to be flexible with when circumstances changed.

Copies were handed over for final editing and to be finalized at next meeting.

Klaras’ notes were considered: minutes from meeting shall be written within a week. They will be published via email, google, and website.


ACTION POINT: Adopt Policy on Position description on next committee meeting.

  1. Club rules

We have decided to include more specific description of the committee roles of the Chair, Secretary and Treasurer in Club Rules. Dana proposed several versions to be considered and we have agreed on Version 2. This is what is going to be included:

  1. Roles of Committee Members
  1. The Chair/President is responsible for:
  1. Ensuring that the Rules are followed;
  2. Convening Meetings and establishing whether or not a quorum (half of the Committee) is present;
  3. Chairing Meetings, deciding who may speak and when;
  4. Overseeing the operation of the Society;
  5. Providing a report on the operations of the Society at each Annual General Meeting.
  1. The Secretary is responsible for:
  1. Recording the minutes of Meetings;
  2. Keeping the Register of Members;
  3. Holding the Society's records, documents, and books except those required for the Treasurer’s function;
  4. Receiving and replying to correspondence as required by the Committee;
  5. Forwarding the annual financial statements for the Society to the Registrar of Incorporated Societies upon their approval by the Members at an Annual General Meeting.
  6. Advising the Registrar of Incorporated Societies of any rule changes;
  1. The Treasurer is responsible for:
  1. Keeping proper accounting records of the Society’s financial transactions to allow the Society’s financial position to be readily ascertained;
  2. Preparing annual financial statements for presentation at each Annual General Meeting. These statements should be prepared in accordance with the Society’s accounting policies (see 8.1.d).
  3. Providing a financial report at each Annual General Meeting;
  4. Providing financial information to the Committee as the Committee determines.

ACTION POINT: Petr is to prepare the new rules for the committee approval for next committee meeting. Kamila agreed to help with creating a Register of Members in June.

Correspondence Review In:

Emails from Lucie K regarding Conference in Auckland.

Email from Jitka regarding Puppet show.

Email from MOE advising of operations grant received.

IRD letter Employer deduction from: cancelled by phone

Kiwi Bank April Statement

Kiwi Bank March Statement

Correspondence Review Out

UFO Pictures


Wellington and Auckland Czech School

Financial Report:

End of year accounts were presented by Jana Benfell.

The March 2015 ballance was $2015.

Report is attached.

Fundraising Report:

Sausage Sizzle - 26th April Mitre 10.

Mitre 10 Mega, by Dana and Aja towards theirs snow camp accommodation costs.

Fundraised $218.30. Money are now deposited in club account. Together with Dana and Ajas’ February fundraiser the total raised is $434.70.

$ 294  is going towards the snow camp to pay for Dana’s accommodation.

$140.70 is left in club account and was agreed to be used towards’ Ajas’ summer camp, as she is not able to attend winter camp due to unforeseen circumstances.

Chairman's report:

Communication to be constantly improved and worked on. For me, easiest way is a telephone call, or one on one meeting. We need to communicate as often as possible for sake to avoid any unnecessary confusions and to move forward with tasks.  At  meetings, it is to be noted in minutes, who is in charge of what event, and any other people who want to to co-operate on that task, so than the person in charge can add them in CC in email conversations.  

Janas Bennet position of Secretary finished on 18.4. 2015 when she handed in her written resignation. Her position is now vacant and meanwhile I carry out secretary's duty, together with help from committee. Secretary and info email is forwarded to my inbox.

Jana Bennett has now returned all clubs property:

Kamila Lyons is now in charge of printing, she has received the printer and it is now set up and going as usual. Also a rim of paper. A4 and some A3.

Laptop is now stored at Petr.

I have received 5 admin folders: Financial, Opoutere, Minutes, Correspondence and Enrolment Forms.

A box of 32 cans of sprite and coke. Cans expire in October. We only sell on average 10 cans at sausage sizzle , so I suggest the cans are sold to Bean Around at purchase cost $0.83 per can total of $28.33.  

There is also 2 tomato sauces, exp October. We have decided to take to school if any one wants to take it.

A box of disposable gloves (100), 2x straw baskets, vegetable oil about 200 ml, 50 disposable plates, strawberry jam, tissues 25, trade cards: Gilmour’s and Office Max and Common seal. I have reunited the material with disposable equipment already stored at my place. Banner is at Jana Benfells’ home.

ACTION POINT: Cans to be sold to Bean Around.

General business:

If we want to book the Mitre10  BBQ in next quarter we need to decide on fundraising purpose. It would be July, August or September. Needs to be booked on 23rd June.

Meeting Closed: 23.00h.

Attachments: Financial report