Hi everyone, JT here, this guide is similar to the one i made in the Million Live group (do join if you wanna play btw https://www.facebook.com/groups/137126963126795/)  so people who know how to play can refer either side. This guide will be updated whenever theres a new event or when i got time, people that wish to help please pm me on fb, JT Kraytor’s my name.

Note this guide only teaches those that are already in the game. Registration would have to be via VPN now.

Also, a fellow P has upload a small guide on how to effectively rank for a boss event, there are other ways, but here’s a way: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1hUa_mDyu1TUkvFWk1OAmJfJQuTn60ECMXTp_xT9Lk_A/

Table of Contents

Menu guide

1.Event Tips

  • 1.1 Stamina Based Events

          -1.1.1 Area Clearing

          -1.1.2 EXP Gaining

  • 1.2 BP Based Events

         -1.2.1 Boss Battles

        -1.2.2 Kizuna Points

        -1.2.3 Memory Medals


  • 1.3 Lounge Battles
  • 1.4 Platina Star Lives

        -1.4.1 Voltage Bar and Burst Appeal

        -1.4.2 Performanace

        -1.4.3 Supporting Player

        -1.4.4 Battle Menu

  • 1.5 Caravan Lives
  • 1.6 Anniversary Lives
  • 1.7 3rd Live Mini Event

2. Deck Building Tips

  • 2.1 Skills
  • 2.2 Potential skills

3. Leveling your cards

  • 3.1 Kotoris

4. Theater/Idol Caravan

  • 4.1 Idol Caravan

5. ULA

6. Relation

7. Lounges and Friend

8. Bazaar

9. Misc Tips

  • 9.1 BP Farming
  • 9.2 Candy Converting (as of May 2016, not possible to do)
  • 9.3 Comeback Stamina Campaign

10. References

Menu Guide


  1. Enter/Main menu
  2. Event
  3. Gacha

Main menu (Old pic, but nothing much changed)


Top bar from left to right

Main Menu Job Lesson Gacha Event Sub-Menu

The top right corner shows how many notifications you got (the mail)

The top left corner shows how many items you got in your gift box

Job  Festivals/Boss fights  

Theater   Idol Caravan

The 2 meters: Stamina  Battle Points

Submenu: (top menu same, banner shows current event)


Boss battle             PVP           Rankings

Idol Caravan

Deck construction    Cards in Inventory   Card Album

Card Storage    Wishlist

Unit Construction     Idol List   Music Room

Convention center (Chat room)   Short Story    Theater

Gift box    Item shop   Items

Exchange center

Friends    Profile    Invite

Lounge   Trade   Bazaar

Top menu   Question   Producer Rank

Memories    Drama   Options

1. Event Tips

1.1 Stamina Events

1.1.1 Area Clearing Events:

Like the name suggests, the objective of these events are to clear all 5 areas. To make it simpler i'm gonna break the names of the areas down as follow:1. AREA A-E (this is seen in the event page where u click to run the event)

2. SUB-AREA 1-4 (When running, each area is split into 4 sub areas A-D)

3. Section 1-4 (This is the x/x when running, 1/4 - 4/4)

So basically we'll have to clear Area E, D-4/4. Get it?

Ok details of the event.

Usually, this type of event will have a 3 idol selection occasionally. When you are walking through the areas, you'll see a specific set of idols in each area. Occasionally 3 of them will pop up and require u to pick 1. Picking the right one will make the idol "Shine". This will give extra points for ranking, (around 5-10x depending on area and SUB area) as well as relation points for that idol.

Generally i'll suggest to just pick idols that you want to relation up. Or your favourite idols. There is no guaranteed way to make them shine w/o spending cash or using the event item (usually chocolate).

At the same time, there will occasionally be the 2x points event or the Stamina Spark.

Stamina Spark (aka. Spark Boost)

When this pops up, you are given 2 choices:

  1. Use red pots
  2. gain 20 stamina

For the 2nd option its easy enough to understand, but for the 1st option, here's some things to take note:

When you use the red pot, say just 1 pot. You'll gain stamina equal to your max stamina ADDED to your remaining stamina PLUS a bonus. Now, while most times, you cant go above max stamina, but for this event it'll allow you to break the limit. I'll dub this as being in Spark Mode.

Anytime you are in Spark Mode, you will get:

  • 2x progress rate through the area
  • 2x points that STACK with the normal 2x point event
  • 2x stamina expenditure rate
  • 2x exp

Also while you are in Spark Mode you won't encounter another spark boost event, likewise if you are in the normal 2x point you won't see it till 5 mins are up.

Note that Spark Mode lasts till your stamina goes below your max, meaning if your max was 360, so long as you are even 1 above 360 you will be in spark mode.

Final note, if you LEVEL UP in spark mode. You will ADD the stamina to the remaining, so long as you were still in spark mode.

Now back to the event tips. Generally, you'd wanna save all your chocolates for any Area's SubArea D-4/4. This is because in subareas D-4/4 the amount of points, stamina consumption and progress are boosted to high levels. An example would be:


Stamina use : 3

Progress: 3

Idol point given : 180


Stamina use : 30

Progress: 30

Idol point given : 1000

Something like that.

If you have 4x point, + chocolate, + 3 idol selection, use the chocolate. Shines usually give 10x the point, (i'm using 10x as an example, i forgot the actual amounts) so in D-4/4 it'll give pretty much 10k points per spark?

As i mentioned, its just a rough gauge. But u get the idea, this is how you can A: clear the areas within the first day, and B: How to stay in top ranks.

Once you clear Area E, D-4/4, you will unlock the option to always see a certain idol when the selection pops up. This helps relation farming and isn't very important but always try to get the idols to up relation whenever possible.

New update as of 28 Nov:

As you select the idols, notice that theres a counter, 0/3 and 0/6. Completing these (0/3 is a sparked one btw) will grant you a star. Completing a certain set of stars will give u an extra story and extra points for the whole event.

1.1.2 EXP Gain Events:

For these events, you will usually be given a set of 4 idols. Your job is to help them level up to around 30-35. The 1st 2 idols that you can train are usually the event's HR rewards. Once u complete any one of them, you will unlock the 1st of the SR rewards. Clearing that will open the final one, but i'm not certain if you can get that SR since its usually the ranking reward.


This event always work in the same way, firstly there isn't any 2x point or spark boosts.

Instead, every 2 presses will let you train the idol OR initiate a convo with her (random chance).

For the convo, just like all convos including those in the Boss battle ones, just click the left button. This convo will initiate a 2x chance of getting a "Great Success" when training the idol.

For the training, there'll be 5 choices now. The top 3 are just responses to the idol. The bottom 2 will determine how many items you are using.

Difference between "Success" and "Great Success"

  • 10 success to get 1 level
  • 2 great success for 1 level

I haven’t really participated in these exp gain events much since it’s pretty much a waste of time. Unless you really want the HR or free SR, your time is better spent on farming candy via normal bosses, and using the remaining stamina when you ran out of bp to just run the area to gain some small rewards. If you want the ranked SR though, frankly speaking..this one you will need to cash for the Great Success items.

Event Menu


Above the picture of the idol shows the gauge and the level that you are at.

The 3 names shown are the idols available during the event.

The orange button is to start.

The pic on the right shows the 3 options when u talk to an idol.

Left to right: Use 1x item for great success, normal talk, use 5x item for great success but 15x points (for rank)

As you can see, there is a black line of text, this shows that i am currently in a form of “bonus mode” where i have 2x the chance to get Great Success. It lasts only 5 mins.

Note that the pic on the right is outdated. Will update the next available opportunity.

1.2 BP Based Events


1.2.1 Boss Battles

Probably everyone's worst nightmare. Boss battles are generally split into 2 types:

1. Area Bosses

2. Double Item Bosses

What does this mean?

Area bosses events are the types where u first have to fill up the spawning gauge. This will generally appear at the top right corner of the area you are running. You will be talking to idols and given 3 choices, try your luck but each choice will fill up the gauge by either 10 or 50. Once u get 1 bar and fully unlocked the area, you will now go into a special area where players can click the medal on the top right to choose a certain idol’s bosses to spawn. This lasts 30 mins or 3 battles, whichever comes first.

As you can see on the left, the top of this menu is the gauge for boss spawning. Just keep running the areas to fill it up. Note this is actually called the Shining Burst button which triggers Shining Burst mode.

Below the 2 buttons you see a special meter, this is basically a bonus meter and can go up to 200%.

Finally the Shine Tiara is an item to start fighting EX bosses of a certain idol of your choice in the event. These bosses have 9 mil hp. The tiara also forces you into Shining Burst mode so remember to fight the other 2 bosses. These won’t be the EX ones though.

The bosses that you encounter during Shining Burst mode will also get tougher depending on how many times you entered Shining Burst mode.

The key to this event is to keep getting gauges to spawn the bosses and especially the EX bosses if possible (you’ll have to cash for the items though).

Double Item Bosses are the more common one, 3 boss types, 1 area. The area bosses (3 chara) and the occasional yellow kotori bosses (1 chara) will drop item A. Item A is used to summon a mid level boss, which drops item B. Item B summons the main boss.

As of April 2015, the Generation 1 boss format returns, when summoning the main boss, there’s a chance that you’ll summon 1 that will focus on a specific type of trait (Vo, Da, Vi), your deck will automatically switch to either:

Deck 1: Vocal

Deck 2: Dance

Deck 3: Visual

Even if you only have 1 card in each deck, make sure u set the 3 decks to pure vocal, dance, visual to get maximum effect. Cards of the correct trait will gain 1.3x stats when facing those bosses.

Common points:

There are 2 common things to take note of boss battles, memory medals and kizuna points.

1.2.2 Kizuna points

Let me start with the more important one, kizuna points are literal stat boosts for the event bosses. 1 point = 1% overall stat boost.

How to get this? gacha it. Not joking, you will have to earn this through the event gacha. Practically the most important thing for boss battles is to get this as high as possible.

1.2.3 Memory Medals

Now these are hard to farm, occasionally while spawning bosses, you'll meet the bosses in their old outfits, eg. from other events or gacha. Defeating these versions of the bosses grant you a memory medal, collecting all of them usually grants you candies, gacha ticket, and for the case of the hardest boss, the event gacha SR.


Theres 2 ways of going about playing this. Farm a bit first, which requires you to be more active, or go all in from the start. The latter actually is the recommended way if you are trying for ranking.

For the first way, the idea is to keep fighting low level bosses and farming Kizuna. Once you can 1 shot a boss you advance to the next tier and farm again. Essentially this method is if you are not trying for the rank, and are instead using the event as a candy farm (check all the way below for details).

Now if you are going for rank, the idea is to ALWAYS SHARE. Never 1 hit a boss, it gives you less points compared to if you share or hit others' bosses. Of course its best to focus on your own boss first.

The problem with the 2nd method is that you might run out of candy as you will be spawning the hardest bosses (well maybe not the "god" difficulty straight..but still) from the start, so manage your candy wisely if you really wanna go for rank.

1.3 Lounge Battles

Like what the name suggests, this is a PVP event featuring your lounge VS a few other lounges in a Block format. This happens once every season. Basically, winning your block (or being in top ranks) will net you the free gacha SR, so take this opportunity to farm up pots by selling them in the bazaar. Also worth it to note that usually after a lounge battle, a Boss event will happen for a week, so save candy.

Lounge battles will provide 1 new type of item, a pink Button. This button will give massive stat boost to your lounge for a duration of 10 minutes, use it wisely, of course you can always fill up the gauge in the lounge battle menu by continuously battling, each Boost uses either 1 button or 1 gauge.

Now, since this is a PVP event, it will use your PVP deck (check the deck building section for more details). Also this event rewards active communication with your lounge mates, as well as adhering to the timeframes set for each round. Generally there will be 3-4 rounds a day, will update the usual timings the next time this happens.

Each time your lounge wins, you will get 3 points, in the event where 2 lounges have the same number of points, the amount of fans gained total will determine who is the victor.

An easily overlooked feature is the BETTING SYSTEM during lounge battles. The betting only opens before the first round begins, and will stay until the whole event is over. Betting on the correct lounges mean 1 potion, per correct lounge (you vote for 1st, 5th and 10th places).

A suggestion is to ALWAYS use 5BP per fight if you can afford it. Otherwise try to conserve your candy during the easier rounds and spam them with the button on those hard rounds. You can scout your opponent lounge members by checking them on the menu, this is very recommended if you want to be the block winner.

As of 28/10/2015:

It seems they added a exploration feature in the lounge battles. You can encounter a boss fight here where u can use 0 BP to fight. Beating the boss will give 1 green candy and 1 special ticket. Note that due to this, you do not get the free candy during the start of the event anymore.

1.4 Platina Star Lives

This event might not happen now. Please skip this section (14 May 2016).

These only happen every few months, when the theater team switches. And is also the most resource wasting event to date. To stay in top 1.2k rank, you'd roughly need around 2.4k BP or so, (this is just me testing with the first platinum live so im not really sure if it'll work, but it seems to be that way, around 400 bp per day basically)

and probably around 40 blue pots to just keep your stamina up, not sure bout blue pots though.

As this is a relatively new event I don't really have much tips so i'll do my best to just make some suggestions for this event type. But for now, the details as follows:

During the start of the event, or rather the first time you enter the event page, you'll be given a choice between the theater units. I'm not sure what this does, but for now just click the one that has higher stat. These stat is based on your theater deck so do not neglect it.

Note there was a new item for this event from PSL 2, a crown that when used, instantly gives 500% points and 76 gacha tickets.

As of PSL 5 (the last PSL) there is now an option to use 5 crowns at once.

After which, all you can do is keep running the area, the 1st Platinum Live had 16 areas, each area is basically 1 song:

  • Progression : 2
  • Exp: 12
  • Stamina use: 6

All areas are similar from what i'm seeing (i haven't reached last area while typing this).

While running the area, only 2 possible things can happen, a choice of 3 that increases your voltage bar, or the actual performance.

The choice of 3 will give 10% to the voltage bar, with a chance of getting 80% instead if you get a Great Success, what is the voltage bar?

Score wise, it seems that its roughly:

Total team appeal / 200 = how many ranking points u gain

Actual points gained = above + multiplier

1.4.1 Voltage Bar and Burst Appeal

I'm not sure what's the actual term in ML, but since these are the terms in the main games i'm using Burst Appeal for the mode when the Voltage Bar maxes out.

During Burst Appeal, you gain higher points and extra gacha tickets for the event per actual performance (the one where u use BP). That's really it. There's a time limit of 30 min for Burst Appeal AND you can use it only 10-16 times PER Burst Appeal. But if you managed to max out the Voltage Bar again during Burst Appeal, it'll refresh the duration and number of times you can get bonus points. Every time you max this bar out, the point multiplier increases as well.

As of PSL 3 we can also retain our bonuses after the time runs out by using 1 BP. Do note that you can only do this from TIME OUT, not from using all possible charges.

1.4.2 Performance

The "performance" part is basically you throwing BP. There are 3 grades:

  1. Good
  2. Great
  3. Perfect

Thats for throwing 1, 2, 3 bp respectively. Note, 0 BP gives 0% bar, 1 BP gives 4%, 2 gives 8%, 3 gives 12%. Crown gives 60%. Max multiplier is 100%. Ticket wise, 0 gives 1, 1 gives 6, 2 gives 11, 3 gives 16.

Now, damage, why did i use that, this is because this performance part uses your PVP team, NOT THEATER team. Also, your support deck will NOT be used. Think of this part as a normal PVP battle, really.

Tips for event? Well, as i mentioned above, this is a point rush, that uses a hell lot of resource. The main objective for the Platinum Live is actually supposed to let you get fans for the theater units so that you can see their ending story. To access that you'll need 1 million fans (done through your normal theater lives and the occasional additional fans the events give). Other than that, use this event to farm up HNs, and the other bazaar rewards.

If you are seriously considering getting the 1.2k rank rewards though, just take note of the following:

  1. Don't waste your BP. BP should only be used while in Burst Appeal mode OR if you are a few clicks away to level up and need to waste it. This is just to gain the max number of points.
  2. Have tons of resources. While not as resource intensive compared to PSL 1 and 2, you will still need POTS and CANDY to refill your BP. During the current PSL 4, i’ve only used 600 total to maintain my 3k rank. This is way simpler compared to the original 2.4k used in the 1st 2..cause people probably figured that unless you cash you probably cant go..unless you really do save another 2.4k candy. But remember, Pots can help refill BP via normal area as well.
  3. Patience and time. Even if you do not want to get the top rank, but wanna stay around top 5k or something. Log in every 1.5-2.5 hrs (fully filled bp), throw BP in multiples of 3 during Burst Appeal (yes that means throwing 1 candy to make your 2nd 3BP shot) and if you want to, spend all your stamina by throwing 0 BP. This will let you maintain your position. Note, this only works for maintaining and its assuming that your multiplier doesn’t reset. (meaning u managed to access the 3 choices thing)
  4. Use the crown if you guarantee that you can rank. The crown gives us 500% points per use. Note that apparently the crowns can be saved for future PSL (info given by Javier). If you can’t go into rank, save the crowns..you’ll need them. I used 12 crowns to get 3k rank for PSL 4..

1.4.3 Supporting player

As of PSL 3, we are now able to pick a supporting colleague to aid us in the event. What choosing a college does, it basically strengthens your team. Usually, just pick the strongest looking guy in your friend list.

Now what is the benefit of BEING PICKED? Simple really, for each person that uses you as a support, you get 1 free green candy, and i think it's a per day thing. So do pick your strongest leader card when PSL starts.

This is all the info i have for Platinum Lives. Also, do note that only during this event, you can listen to the songs while running the area so it lags, so ya, patience. Good luck for Platinum Lives guys. Now, pictures below as a small guide.


  1. Timings of event, the red text means the duration, the orange text mentions when is the Mid-event date (for rewards)
  2. Your current burst gauge, as u can see, mine has been refilled 21 times and gives 66% point boost
  3. Just the song of the current area
  4. How long you have left for the burst gauge, and how many attempts left
  5. Enter the event
  6. Set list, tells you what songs are being played in sequence
  7. Link to the game’s cash shop
  8. Link to the event gacha page


For most events, numbers 1-3 are the same

1: Current event rankings and how much points are needed to achieve it

2: Own points and rank

3: from left to right, Rewards   How to play   Rankings

4: Unique for PSL, Support player, this is where you select your support. the 2 blue buttons mean change and remove respectively.

Note, right below this screen would be the daily rewards and the 8 hour free gift. The daily rewards you’ll automatically gain from playing so no need to check it, as for the 8 hour free gift thing, just click the blue button when it’s ready, it’ll open up a menu asking you to share, just share and the item will go to your gift box.

1.4.4 Battle Menu for PSL


  1. Current power, Remaining Bp And how many BP to use. Note, clicking the Heart means using the crown (PSL 5 there’ll be another button on the right of the heart for the 5 crown).
  2. Top to bottom:  Use item, battle
  3. This shows how many crowns you have in stock
  4. Shows your support
  5. Shows which BATTLE deck you are using, this is either your pvp or pve deck..i cant tell yet but will double check later

1.5 Caravan Lives

This event might not happen now. Please skip this section (14 May 2016).

Our new form of Platina Star Lives, with more features. Now this is the first caravan live we’ve ever done so this might still be a bit inaccurate, so try to help me if you guys have some info.

First, like Platina Star Lives, you can choose a supporting character, and the “battle” system seems to be the same. The exception is there is no Burst Voltage. However there is a new bar, unique to EACH IDOL (thats 10 for each caravan season). It’s called the Memory Burst gauge, those that played the actual games would be familiar with what it should do, but essentially its the Burst Voltage in PSL, which u can control the activation.

To gain the gauge, you can only find it during the 3 choices part, each attempt is 10%, each great success is 40%. Note you can only store 5 of this.

Stat Boosts for deck types

Just like the recent boss battle, this event now brings stat boosts to certain types of cards, only that instead of using your boss battle deck, it uses the PVP deck. The same rules follow:

Deck 1 = Vocal

Deck 2 = Dance

Deck 3 = Visual

Interesting thing to note is that you can trigger this stat boost event while in the middle of a stat boost. Which will then overwrite the original boost. So do take note.

There also seems to be a daily memory challenge, i’m not sure what this does yet.



Now this will be the first thing you see. Basically, you pick an idol, and complete their stages (songs). For each stage you complete, a music note will appear below the idol, such as in the case of my Emily and Mami.

The top right is showing what type of boost i’m currently receiving, which in this case is a Visual boost.

Now the center means that you need to complete all idol stages before it unlocks.


The daily memory thing. It’s a community effort. Not sure what this gives, so someone please fill me in.

1.6 Anniversary Lives

As the name suggests, this happens once a year, seems to be around the May-June periods.

The format is similar to a normal boss battle, you go through the areas, get boss spawning items, spawn them and beat them for points for ranking.

The only difference is in the ranking system. For these types of events, you will pick 1 idol before entering the event. This idol can be changed midway, but it’s not recommended. Why? Cause, each idol has a different set of ranking points. Think of it this way, if there are 21 idols for the event, then there are 21 different rank rewards, 1 for each idol. It’s pretty much a good idea to think of each idol having a separate event all happening at the same time.

Now, the unique part of this event, is that only the top player for each idol will get the SR, however, depending on the total number of fans gained throughout the event, more people will get the chance to get the SR. But unless you are willing to spend a ton of cash, try to avoid it. As an example, within the first 15 min of the event, there was a guy already at 1mil points.

Rank rewards are given at the end of event, but the amount of rewards (as in who gets the SR) will keep increasing as the days go by, so if you are within double digits, don’t give up if you can afford it.

1 more thing to note is that you can get gacha tickets for a weaker version of the anniversary SRs. Basically, each idol will have 1 with a black background (Ranking), and 1 with a white background (free, untradeable), much like the Happy Happy Performance ones. The difference is that the current Million Live Harmony ones are actually good, (10k base AP, 7k base DP) assuming you actually have some relation boosts. Note that stat quoted was from a 400 relation Rio Momose.

1.7 3rd Live Mini Event/Believe My Dream

On 3rd Feb 2016, a new event for 3rd live appeared. Upon opening it for the first time, you are shown a few girls, click on them and get them to max genki, then after that you will be directed to a Live battle. This part is similar to a PSL battle. Use energy to meet girls, use bp to beat them.

The difference is here. First, you are allowed to pick 1 friend leader card to assist your team. In the battle, you can skip the battle animation by pressing the bottom right button. If you don’t, you are moved to the battle menu where you can manually activate 3 of your idols’ skills. This is a 100% proc. Your friend support will also proc, for a total of 4 boosts. Note that skipping the animation will cause the 1st 3 cards in your team to proc along with your friend’s card. As of May 2016 though, this is now the battle system of the game.

At the bottom left, there is also a SP button. Once this is filled, you may press it to have 3 idols pop up. Picking 1 of the 3 will cause that idol to do damage to the boss. Around every 5 battles you will be able to max this SP gauge out.

Other than that, upon clearing the areas you will notice you actually get those genki medals (for boss battle stat up) and new SR. These SR are actually previous event HRs that got an upgrade. BUT THEY ARE NOT THE SAME CARDS. If you already have the HR version, don’t worry about them being overwritten.

2. Deck Building Tips

Info gotten from Kyle Lai and 蔡忠憲 (thanks you 2).When building your deck, theres a few things to take in mind.

Firstly: type of deck. In this game, your characters are split into 3 types, Vocal, Visual, Dance. Having at least 3 of a colour in a deck will actually give u a team combo. I'll go into that later, but generally you'd wanna get either a pure deck or 3 of every colour in your deck.

Secondly: Characters in deck. Generally, most people would love to make a deck full of the idol they love, so a pure idol deck, this also gives a boost. Usually having 3 of 1 idol will give this boost, but there are other factors and as i mentioned above, skills i'll cover later. But try to either have 3 of each, pure single idol, 9 diff idols.

2.1 Skills

This one is gonna be a bit tricky. As i mentioned earlier, and if u actually watched the battles happen, you'd realise that before the fight happens you'll actually get multiple boosts.The boosts are split into 2 categories: Team combos, and card skills.

Lets start with team combos. These WILL proc, 3 times. Usually the most common proc are: All Vi/Vo/Da up. Multiple chara up. All SR/HR/R up. and recently if u have noticed, having 2 idols from the exact same event or premium gacha will give : Same gacha/event up.

Generally, you would wanna avoid the last of what i mentioned, the 2 idol for same gacha up. Reason being is that it only boosts whatever is from the gacha. For team boosts you'd want as many, if not all, of the idols getting the buff. So unless you literally have a 1 idol 1 card deck from the same event SR, try to make your team using diff cards.

Of course, theres more team combos, things like their 3 sizes, birthday, likes, blood type etc. But figure out what works for your team and optimize it the way u want.

Next, individual card skills. Due to the recent change to the battle system, you can now pick which idol will activate their skills so no more random RNG for skill proc. However skill level will still determine the amount boosted. Generally a good setup would be having the largest possible boost (全カードのAP/DPアップ(極大) ) x2 or x3. However don’t put too many of these as they usually have low stats.

Why 全カードのAP/DPアップ and not Vi/Vo/DaカードのAP/DPアップ(極大)?

It’s just a matter of %. According to the chart below (it’s outdated) it seems that the former type gives more % boost as compared to the latter at skill lvl 20 for the 大 version. This probably means that the strongest possible version should be the same. Though it probably is only a 2% difference..but it could save u a few BP i guess.

If you want to do the rough calculations yourself, just follow the chart, then try to roughly guess the amount.


Vi/Vo/DaカードのAP/DPアップ(極大) should be giving a 12.25% boost.( 大) should be 11.25%

全カードのAP/DPアッフ(大),( 大) and (極大) should be 13.5%,14.5%, 15.5% respectively. Note this is just a rough estimate.

As for checking the amount of boost each skill does, follow this chart.


Quick explanation on how to use:

Top of chart shows the skill level, side shows the type of skill proc.

Translation by kyle:

單色片面 is smth like Vi AP, Vi DP  

單色兩面: Vi AP/DP...etc

全體片面: 全カードのAPアップ(小/中/大)

全體兩面: 全カードのAP/DPアップ(小/中/大)

自分片面: 自分のAP...

自分兩面: 自分のAP/DP...

So say you got all Da AP up (小) on a chara at level 10.And you set it on first slot to guarantee it's proc.

This will mean all your dance cards will get an ap boost of 15%.

With this, good luck on building your decks for PVP battles, and in some cases, PVE.

2.2 Potential Skills

Potential skills are a new feature that was added at the start of ULA. Occasionally and from events you will get cards that has an extra skill. These skills will activate alongside the card’s original skill. So far it seems the skills only range from a Small attack up as well as removing any debuffs the boss casts on you. To inherit these skills and learn more, please check the ULA guide.

3. Leveling Your Cards

 3.1 Kotori Cards

 This part is mostly for the newcomers. Kotoris, or any green card actually, are special. They are only for combining into your other idols.

Depending on which kotori it is, it does different things.

Green Kotori: Exp Boost, Yellow Kotori: Skill Up   HR Kotori: 1 Guranteed skill level.

Kasumi: Well..she is a green card from an event, but did anyone REALLY use her?

SR Kotori:This is for potential skill transfer (refer to ULA guide).

Note that most of the time after your idol reach skill level 7, yellow kotoris are the way to go.

3.2 Kakusei / Awakening

Click this link if u dont have the 2nd copy of an sr or the hr you need to kakusei:


Basically, each N is 1 point, regardless of which N it is. the example is trying to kakusei a Miki card so:

The left column shows all non-visual cards value for kakusei,middle shows all visual, non-miki cards value,the 3rd shows all miki cards value

Basically the easiest way is really to throw more cards of the same idol to kakusei it rather than throwing literally 1k hn but if u got time and cash..might as well right? not like we got any use for money in this game LOL

4. Theater/Idol Caravan

The theater is now only used to get some free gold now. You get to select 5 idols every few weeks/months and they’ll allow you to conduct lives every few hours. Lives give you gold and fans, and after a while you’ll complete some missions that earns you certain rewards.

With the update to theater, you can now exchange special Theater Medals for rewards. These rewards range from Kotoris to the much coveted premium gacha ticket.

Each time you run a live, you get 1 medal. You can speed up the time between lives by using Red Candies. Note you can only hold 300 medals. If you use the cards of the event ongoing at any point of time, you get extra medals.

Also every weekend you can actually exchange up to 50 Blue candies here. Please use your medals wisely.


The big button on left is the Live button. The pink one on right is the “speed up” button. 1 Candy for 1 hour.

Below is your producer title, and the 3 tabs are:

Theater unit, Mission, Medal Exchange

4.1 Idol Caravan

This was introduced in the 3rd Project of Million Live, the first being the intro of Live Theater Performance, the 2nd being Platina Star Lives.

Essentially, it’s like the old theather system, with additional features, and an end of season event. Each season will last 2 months, lasting up to a year, which means 6 seasons total.

The main menu of caravan is below:


1: Mail and calls from idols

2: Current idol statuses, the Smileys show their mood

3: Rank

Right below there’ll actually be jobs for your idols much like the old theater ones. However these are split into 3 tabs:

1st Tab : Rarity Based (higher rarity cards on idols = better)

2nd Tab : AP Based (high AP = Better)

3rd Tab: Total Power (overall AP = Better)

*Take a look at the deck building section

Some jobs have an additional idol requirement, while you don’t have to do it, they actually trigger a conversation topic with the idols that can raise their mood (or lower it, PICK CAREFULLY).

If you 100% any job, you’ll get a premium gacha ticket.

Occassionally when you do jobs, your idol will have their mood changed to blue, during that, the next communication for her will determine her mood, the example i have was for Megumi and the 6 HR live job. Her mood dropped to blue, and i went and paired her up with Kotoha for their radio show job and picked the correct choice. After that her mood skyrocketed to the max. Firstly, i’m not sure if its meant to boost it back to max, or its meant to revert to the previous mood before it turned blue.

Other than that, since its relatively new, i don’t really have much info on it yet. Please pm me or post in the FB group if anyone has more info.

5. ULA

The year long event featured in 2016, ULA seems to be an event that will happen fortnightly. The ULA event will require you to get the fan mails and present boxes to level your idol unit (Uses Live The@ther Harmony CD units) to a minimum level of 10 each before you can participate in it.

As you can see from the picture, the top right corner is a button that lets you change your unit. The idols will have their name and ILV (idol level) below. Next shows the Unit level, mine is 26, the average level of all idols in your unit. Followed by leader, which can be changed by pressing that small pink buton below.

Usually next to the above info there will be a blank space until you qualify for ULA. The amount of time left before ULA is shown there too.

If you click on any idol, this popup will appear. The 3 buttons are: Level Up, SP skill change, View story.

Upon pressing level up, you will be moved to a menu that shows you the 2 new items, fan mail and present boxes. You have to use these as a pair to hopefully level up your idol, the amount you need will actually be shown.

Prioritize getting every idol to level 10 first, following that make 1 OR 2 more units to level 10. This will be explained later on in the guide after I get more pictures.

6. Relationship

Relationship bonuses are something very useful for us as it gives stat boosts:

  • 100 relation: 5%
  • 200 relation: 6%
  • 300 relation: 7%
  • 400 relation: 7.75%
  • 500 relation: 8.25%
  • 600 relation: 8.75%

to gain relation, you'll need to set your unit idols (the 3 u usually see on main page).

the Center slot usually gains 2x relation points so give your favourite the center.

to gain points: fight bosses, play events, click your favourite idols during the area clear events and pray they shine.

at every 100 you'll see a cinematic to show u achieved the next level of bonuses.

by the way the bonuses are capped by the number of card type of the idol you get. what i mean by this is that the more of that idol you have captured in your album, the higher the max

7. Lounges and friends

For friends, try to get ur friend list to be either

  • Full, this is so that u have more people to help you attack bosses, and more chances of getting bosses from people.
  • Filled with people that you are sure will be online/active. This is to ensure you won't waste the boss shares as they are limited.

Also note that if u wanna trade with people 1 to 1, u need them in your friends list for at least 2 weeks.

Now as for lounges, why do you wanna join a lounge?

I'll be honest, there are only 3 reasons:

  1. Lounges provide a stat boost during battles, the more people/higher level the lounge, the higher the stat boost.
  2. Lounges can help fight and share bosses, this is separate from the sharing to friends, so if no one in your lounge is in your friends list, u can share to a total of around 60 people.
  3. Lounge rewards, some events provide this.

To join a lounge, just find a guy who is in a lounge or search/create one yourself. If u wanna join one of the 3 lounges that we have, try to pm the guys in the lounges. u can check it on the member list.

8. Bazaar

 Never underestimate this place, sure you need tickets to use it (usually gained through buying premium gacha),but you can also get cards you really want here.

3 tickets for SRs, 1 for anything else. selling cards also cost 1 ticket.

generally if u have NOTHING to upgrade and got tons of kotoris, sell them for potions/battle candy (potions are usually better used as currency) and either stock up for events or stock up for a card you want.

HR kotoris are usually worth selling (26-28 pots EACH) but its hard to get. so u decide whether u wanna sell those kotoris or not.

Dont throw all Rs away, some are worth selling. you'll be surprised to see people buying Rs and HNs for 1 pot each. try it.

Also..please note this is available only to those who verified your accounts.

9. Misc Tips

9.1 BP Farming

Probably the most important tip here is how to get free BP. (NOT CANDY)

Usually you get 1 bp every 30 mins, but during boss events this is never enough, however there is a way to get free bp so long as you have stamina.

To do this, run the NORMAL area and find a boss. DO NOT HIT THIS BOSS. instead, go run the normal area while the boss is still there. just like how spark chance works, if you already met a boss, you cannot get anything except: hearts, cards, free bp.

usually when a boss appears and u get 3 hearts, most likely you'll gain 3 bp for free. also do note that bosses only appear on your newest area.

In the case of boss battle events you MIGHT want to ignore this method though. This is because the later areas cost quite a bit of stamina which will directly interfere with your farming of the 1st and 2nd types of bosses for the drop. However since now there is a walkable map for each event you can try to walk those areas..rather than spending 12 AP per step.

9.2 Candy Converting (no longer available)

As of May 2016 this method is no longer available. I’ll leave this part here in case it comes back in a future event.

With all the spare green candy you have (especially if you aren’t attempting the event), you can try “converting” them into the blue, non-expiring versions.

Basically, run normal bosses, meaning, the normal area, and keep facing bosses. Use the green candies you have to beat bosses you meet when you are out of BP. Each boss will drop a few gacha tickets, and each of these tickets either gives: gold, gacha points, candy, premium tickets, or potions. The 1st 3 are the most likely. Usually if you do this until you deplete all your green candy stores (approx 150), half of it will become blue candy. If you lucked out you’d also get those premium tickets.

So don’t waste those green candies now.

9.3 Comeback stamina campaign

Occasionally, ML will host a comeback campaign during events. this can net you an extra 150 stamina per day.


There's what the banner looks like. It's the kana picture





Refer to the following doc:



21 May 2016

  • Edited area boss guide to match the current types of area bosses
  • Added a picture for Area Boss guide
  • Added part of the ULA guide
  • Added potential skill guide
  • Added pictures for ULA

14 May 2016

  • Edited skill guide for recent game update
  • Mentioned which parts might be temporarily irrelevant (PSL and Caravan)
  • Edited theater guide
  • Updated EXP event guide, no pictures yet
  • Removed Support deck guide as it is no longer part of the game
  • Removed outdated registration guide
  • Updated BP farming guide