OSM Foundation Management Team meeting

18th June 2013, 19:00 GMT



Present: Henk, Michael, Dermot, Matt, Paul


Apologies: Andy, Harry

Agenda and Minutes

Minutes of previous meeting

May 21st 2013

Proposed: Mike

Seconded: Dermot


Open Action Items

20130319-02        Matt to draft procedure to how to set up policy in the Management Team document (https://docs.google.com/document/d/1o0PvtfljjyHDu6aku6CawwXY3bQEDZJNZ7EXn2tDlPo/pub)


20130423-01        Dermot to interview Richard W as a human interest piece to promote CWG’s role and try to encourage people to join.

        Dermot is going to contact Harry to follow up on this item.

        Harry first wanted to have a call for participation out before publishing the interview. In the meantime the invites for interviews has been extended to other WG members.


20130521-01        Henk to ping treasurer to put 2012 financial numbers online


20130521-02        All to think of ways to recruit more people to WG’s

Highlights Current Status Working Groups









Management Team document

Matt distributed the latest version of the MT document (see link above). No further comments were made and the meeting awaits approval of the OSMF Board.

It is regarded as a living document, so possible amendments can be made in the future.

Getting Things Done

In order to get a better overview of tasks that needs to be done (within the MT), I would like to propose to set up a Scrum / Kanban scheduling board for us to work with. When OK, does anybody have good / bad reviews of an existing online tool we could use?

We decided on going to give Redmine a try. After setup we can play around in it for a couple of weeks. By our next meeting we should have it configured to our ideas so we can actually use it.

Action: Matt to ask OWG to set up a Redmine instance.

Action Plans / Budget request 2014

Board has requested to come up with Action Plans (including budget request) for 2014 by October 1st.

The meeting has no comments regarding this request.

General Working Group promotion

We need to update the pages on osmfoundation.org regarding the WG and MT:

- What skill are desired for joining the working group.

- What are the typical tasks of the WG

- Update the membership list of the WG

- Who is the contact person

We need to get the minutes up-to-date of the WG.

Action: Henk will send a message round to all representatives of the WG’s.

Recruitment new MT Chair

What are our next steps in recruiting the MT Chair?

Paul talked with people about ideas who could be possible candidates.

If you know people, send them link to the MT document so they can get an idea of what is expected of the MT (and the chairperson).


- We need to prepare something for SotM Birmingham on participation in WGs.

Next meeting

July 23rd  2013, 8pm BST

Meeting End

Meeting ended at 20:59 GMT