UKU Mixed Tour 2 2017

Information Pack

We look forward to seeing you at Mixed Tour 2 2017 in Durham.  We hope you will have an enjoyable and competitive weekend, and we believe the information contained in this pack will facilitate this. Contact details for the organisers are included if you do have further questions.


Tournament director:  Si Hill                        07802 311298

                        Benji Heywood


Address: The Graham Sports Centre, Stockton Rd Maiden Castle, Durham DH1 3SE


Apparently there is a major road closure affecting New Elvet bridge, New Elvet and Old Elvet.  This will block the main/obvious route from the city centre to the University sports centre.  Advice is to avoid driving in or through the centre of Durham if possible.  

To get to Durham University sports centre from the A1(M) use Bowburn Exit, Jn 61, and then A177.

Parking: There is free parking in the sports centre car park; we will be using their overflow grass parking area.

Facilities: There are toilets and hot showers in the main building, so there is a bit of a walk to the facilities.  We have reduced the number of back-to-back games so that there are more opportunities to head back without missing any play.

On Saturday evening we have been asked to clear the building by 1845.

NB - NO BBQs or fires on site.  

Arrival: Please collect your team disc and water as you arrive. The main TD desk will be out on the fields. There will not be a separate captain’s meeting; teams will be given any new information when they sign-in.

Times:  We have been able to organise a slightly earlier opening at the sports centre, and have moved game starts a little earlier to take advantage of this.  Games are planned to run from approx 09:20 on Saturday and 09:10 on Sunday.  

Emergency Communications: Please see here:

In the event of unexpected or emergency situations we will publish important information or changes to the event @UKUltimateEvent and at the tournament HQ.

Paper and Printing

We DON’T intend to print out schedules and copies of this pack for every team. Please make sure you bring your own (or ensure you can access it through your phone) if you need a copy. There will be a large up to date copy at the TD desk throughout the weekend of course.

Food and Drink

There is a café on site, in the main building.   No alcohol in the cafe please.  

Cafe will close at 6pm on Saturday, 5pm on Sunday.

Drinking Water

We plan to provide teams with 2x 5-litre water bottles that you can YOU CAN REFILL to help stay on top of your water needs. Again, we’re game on/game off as often as possible to give you time to refill your water between slots.  There is a drinking water tap on the outside of the boathouse near the bridge as well as inside the sports centre.


Please do not leave your litter lying around. No one wants to pick up your discarded banana skin at the end of the day. Or hummus. Or yoghurt.



Spirit scores will be entered through an online form, which can be found here:

You should be able to access the form on your smartphone (or one of your team-mates’ phones – some models seem to struggle more than others).

Please enter scores as promptly as you are able – in particular, we expect to award a spirit trophy based on the results that have been entered before the presentation. If you fail to enter your scores on the day, it is of course still worth entering them later as it improves the feedback your opponents receive, but if you can enter them on the day it would be far better.

(If you end up, a week after the tournament, with the highest spirit – but someone else took the trophy – that’s hard luck I’m afraid. Take it up with the teams who submit late!)


There will be an ambulance and crew on site.  We are currently planning that the ambulance will be near the footbridge.  

Sadly our usual crew of physios were not available for this event. There will be ONE physio on site in the building; please make sure, perhaps even more than usual, to only see them for new injuries, as they are likely to be very busy. If you’re getting an old injury taped because you haven’t bothered to learn how yourself, then someone else might be in dire need and unable to be seen.

For serious incidents, the nearest A&E is:

University Hospital Of North Durham, North Road, Durham, County Durham, DH1 5TW

Tel: 01913332333, A&E: 01913332131

GB U24

GBU 24 need your help to get to Perth! We were overwhelmed with the support you all gave us at MT1 and we hope everyone can get behind us again at MT2! The squad is running a longest pull competition, with many prizes to be won! Pop down and show us what you got! Thank you!

Pitch Map

PDF pitch is here


Discraft sponsor all UK Ultimate tournaments and are of course the suppliers for your team disc at this event.


We wish you the best of luck for the weekend and hope you have a great time.